Mr. Ijaz Ahmad of Hamburg honoured by federal President of Germany

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad

By Zubair Khan

Hard work and devotion to any cause is always rewarded by Allah Almighty. Some times the Blessings are showered early while some times these are bestowed bit late. Mr. Ijaz Ahmad an extremely hard working and devotee member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hamburg, since many years, is working to promote the societal harmony. He has worked in the field of inter religious harmony, public welfare,humanity and integration. At various levels he has been representing various organisations including the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Few years back he was honoured to organize the 50 years jubilee celebrations of Fazle Omar Mosque Hamburg. He also has the honour to work very closely with the current Chief Minister of Hamburg State of Germany. Currently he is member of the integration council and chairperson of the working committee on social integration.

He is one of the 60 members from across Germany, who in recognition of their “extra ordinary contributions” to the public welfare, have been honoured and invited to the traditional new year’s reception by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany in presidential palace “Schloss Bellevue” on the 10th of January 2013. In fact it is an honour for AMJ Germany because whatever his contribution it is because of being a humble member of the Jamaat. As member of the integration council and chairperson of the working committee on social integration, he always takes pride in seeking guidance from Huzoore-Aqdas’s various speeches on social integration. After attending the function in Presidential Palace he has also been invited as guest of honour to represent the city Hamburg in an other official function at 16.00 hours in Berlin.

On behalf of all the members of Muslim Times Team heartiest congratulations and  prayers for his further successes in his life.

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  1. Mashaallah,Alhamdolillah,congratulations to brother

    Ijaz Ahmad chaudhry.May Allah Talah grant him more

    success in his future.and may he be more humble

    servent of Ahmadiyyat .ameen

  2. congratulation to Ijaz.We should remember always that it will hapen more and more with the DUA of Khalafat,InshaAllah.

  3. Congratulations. Blessings of the Messiah of the age and his teaching to follow the Quran has brought this honor to brother Ijaz and Jamaat. Alhamdolillah

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