What a unique way to WELCOME THE NEW YEAR?

By Zubair Khan

Each segment of human society has its own way to welcome the new year. Some prefer fire work, some prefer get together, some organize parties while some like going for drinks and dance etc. Suffice to say there are hundreds of ways and styles to welcome the new year. In depth analysis indicates the way adopted by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is unique in its nature. In accordance with the real teachings of Islam, the community welcomes the new year with special early morning prayers commonly known as Tahujjad prayers. All male/female community members either in mosques/community centres or in private houses bow their heads to thank their Almighty Creator. To welcome 2013 the spiritual head of the Community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahamd, on 31.12.2012, gave the golden guidelines in his concluding address of annual gathering of Qadian India. Following the USWAH (deeds) of prophet Muhammad (saw) and sending   DAROOD (praises) on him through out the coming year were the haul marks of his concluding address.

From last many years the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (MKA) an auxiliary organization of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany, after Tahujjad prayers offers its services for clean up operation to various cities of Germany. Garbage and dirt spread all over due to firework celebrations of Sylvester is collected by its members and deposited at garbage depots. Due to extensive media coverage of this campaign this act of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Germany has given a tremendous boost to the positive image of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in whole of Germany and at times facilitated in getting the permission to construct new mosques.

Like previous years above 200 sub branches of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Germany undertook the cleaning operation on first day of 2013. More than 5000 members of the community including children, young and elderly went out on the streets and took part in the cleaning operation. In some cities passers by were astonished to see the community members cleaning up German streets early morning on first of January while almost the whole nation was still asleep.  Some passers by even joined the operation.

Here in Frankfurt hundreds of community members also turned up to say Tahujjad prayers in the community national centre Baitus Sabuh. Missionary Ashraf Zia led the Tahujjad prayers. After leading the Fajar prayers missionary in charge Mr Haider Ali Zafar gave Darse Quran which was followed by the message of Mr Hasnat Ahmad, National Head of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Germany. Head of Ahmadiyya Community Frankfurt Mr Idrees Ahmad also congratulated the community members on the eve of new year. After having consumed the breakfast the members headed towards the area of the city which was assigned for the clean up operation. Print and electronic media of Germany gave a vast coverage to this campaign of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya thus boosting once again the positive and good image of Ahmaidyya Muslim Community Germany.

Mr Hasnat Ahmad, national head of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Germany explaining the details of clean up operation.

Mr Haider Ali Zafar, Missionary In charge and Mr Idrees Ahmad, head of Ahmadiyya Community Frankfurt congratualting the members on new year eve.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Frankfurt members offering Tahujjad Prayers.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Frankfurt members offering Tahujjad Prayers.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Frankfurt members praying to Almighty on 01.01.13

Community members busy in clean up operation on 01.01.2013. Most members wore the shirts embossed with slogan, “ISLAM IS PEACE” “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FRO NONE”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Members busy in clean up operation early morning on 01.01.2013





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  1. Ahmadiyya Community all over the world begin their new year with collective Tahajjad & morning prayer followed by Breakfast but this is really unique!

  2. Happy new year to all ahmadi brothes and sisters all

    over the world.Alhamdolillah in Baitul mahmud in Amsterdam,Holland jamat started its ist,day of new

    year with TAHAJJUD PRAYER and fajar prayer,dars

    and breakfast togheder.two ours 15 members of jamat

    Amsterdam went for cleaning the city with permission

    of counsel.The local TV AT5 came to give covereg

    in the evening 4 times tv repeated this news

    interviews with thre members.Alhamdolilla.

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