The last vestiges of humanity — Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

Daily Times:

Government has announced a prospective amendment to provide for the death penalty in the ‘rarest of rare’ cases of rape and a committee has been set up to recommend changes to the law.

Pakistan was the number three most dangerous country for women last year while India was at number four, but this is not a cricket match and where either is ranked is not a competition; the fact is that both are equally dangerous. It is amazing to note that while Indians protest the incident, the international community has not given a response befitting such a horrendous incident, or maybe like the one that might have been forthcoming had the incident happened in Pakistan.

As I write this, just 423 kilometers from where I live, a 23-year-old young woman lies in a critical condition breathing through a ventilator, while doctors struggle to control her internal bleeding. She is ‘X’, the victim of the horrendous gang rape that took place in Delhi, India, last week.

India was ranked the fourth most dangerous country for women last year due to high rates of female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking. It is estimated that 100 million people, with women and girls forming the majority, were trafficked in India in 2009.


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