For whom the Syrian bell tolls

Source: Asia Times.

The rape of Syria is disaster capitalism in action, the terrain already prepared for profitable “reconstruction” once a pliable, pro-Western government is installed. With NATOGCC on one side and Iran-Russia on the other side, ordinary Syrians opposed to the ethnic-religious cleansing promoted by the “rebels” have nowhere to go. The bell tolls in Syria, not for thee, but for doom, gloom, death and destruction. – Pepe Escobar



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  1. and, on another note, the Syrian war is the ‘cheapest war’ that the US and NATO have carried out. Saudi Arabia for instance has emptied their ‘death row’ by offering freedom for any inmate that will go to Syria and fight. If they will be killed the Saudis promised to look after their families and if they return still alive they will go free. It is reported that this kind of ‘freedom fighters’ are in the hundreds. They consist of convicted criminals, rapists, drug dealers, murderers. – May Allah protect Syria and its people!

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