Al’humdolillah, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Nigeria successfully completes its Sixty First Jalsa Salana

Source: Qasim Oyekola, Nigeria


Between 21st and 23rd December 2012, Al’humdulillah, a count of thirty-three thousand, four hundred and eighty participants converged on Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria to attend the 61st Jalsa Salana of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Nigeria.

The Jalsa Salana whose theme was: UPHOLDING THE HONOUR OF HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMADSAW MERCY FOR MANKIND witnessed speeches that were carefully facilitated by erudite scholars of the Jama’at. The topics of the speeches included:

  1.  Holy Prophetsaw, Mercy for Non-Believers;
  2. Love of the Promised Messiahas for the Holy Prophetsaw
  3. Islam and Sustainable Development;
  4. Holy Prophet’ssaw’ Love For All Humanity;
  5. Holy Prophetsaw, True Liberator of Women.

The Jalsa arena and its environs were adorned with different captions on banners that depict the theme of the Jalsa Salana. The reason behind celebrating the Holy Prophetsaw through the Jalsa was the instructions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vatba that all Ahmadis should use all possible means and media to inform the world about the impeccable life of the Best and Most Pious human being that ever lived, Muhammad Rasulullah saw.

The 33,480 attendees of the Jalsa Salana included members from the neighbouring countries like Tchad Republic, Cameroon Republic and Republic Du Benin.

Top Government Officials, Traditional Rulers And Christian Leaders Attended 61st Jalsa Salana Of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Nigeria

The regular principle of LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE which is the epitome of the teachings of the Holy Founder of Ahmadiyya, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas was yet in motion as Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Nigeria extended hands of love to non-Members through courtesy visits paid by the leaders of the Jama’at to some government officials and Traditional rulers to keep them abreast of the Jalsa Salana that was to hold between 21st and 23rd December 2012.

To reciprocate the hands of love, some top government officials, Traditional rulers and Christian leaders were at Jamia Ahmadiyya home of the annual national convention to felicitate with the Jama’at.  Among the government officials that attended the annual convention were the Governor of Ogun State, Senator ibikunle Amosun who was represented by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Alhaji Salis Shuaib; the Speaker of Ogun State House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Prince Surajuddeen  Ishola; the Ogun State Commissioner for Information and Strategies, Alhaji Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu.

The traditional rulers who graced the occasion included the Paramount Ruler of Yewa Land in Ogun State, His Royal Majesty Olu of IIaro Oba Kehinde Olugbenle Gbadewole; Onigan of Igan-Okoto Land, Oba Mukaila Salako; Onijale of Ijale-Ketu, Oba Bashiru Bisiriu and Obaladi of Afon Land, Oba Busari Adetona, Orimadegun 111 while the Christian Communities were represented by the Leader in Charge of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (AYO NI O) Surulere District, IIaro, Prophet (Dr.) G. A. Dada.

1. L-R: Representative Ogun State Governor, Deputy Chief of Staff, Alhaji Salis Shuaib; Speaker, Ogun State House Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Surajudeen Ishola and Amir Sahib, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaát, Nigeria, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola

1. L-R: Speaker, Ogun State House Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Surajudeen Ishola; Commissioner for information, Ogun State, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyan; Representative of Yewa South Local Government Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Leader in Charge of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (AYO NI O) Surulere District, IIaro Branch, Prophet (Dr.) G. A. Dada (standing); Olu of IIaro and Paramount Ruler Yewaland, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle Gbadewole and first military governor, Ogun State, Major General Seidu Balogun (rtd).

L-R: Chairman, Yewa South Local Government Area, Alhaji Safiu Odebiyi; Onigan of Igan-Okoto, Oba Mukaila Salako; Onijale of Ijale-Ketu, Oba Bashiru Bisiriyu and Obaladi of Afon, Oba Busari Adetona, Orimadegun 111

Cross section of the members, during the conference

Pictures of some of the banners on the Holy Prophetsaw follow:

Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)1

Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)2

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)3

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)4

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)4

Islam is Love & Peace

Islam is Love & Peace

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)

Holy-Prophet-Muhammad (saw)


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  1. O our Lord, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad;
    as Thou blessed Abraham and the progeny of Abraham;
    Thou art indeed the Praiseworthy, the Exalted.

    O our Lord, prosper Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad;
    as Thou did prosper Abraham and the progeny of Abraham;
    Thou art indeed the Praiseworthy, the Exalted.

  2. Thank you, Salma for the post. The Jalsa Salana was 61st and NOT 1st. We beseech Allah to continue sending abundant of blessings and peace on the noble Messenger, Muhammad Rasulullah. Sallallahu Alaehi Wasalam

  3. Alhamdulilahi robilalamin that i am one of the attendees from Abuja Jamat.Since Imam Mahdi enjoined us to try to attend Jalsa inspite of any inconviniences.

  4. The conference is the 61st in the series and the first gathering to be attended by the new governor of ogun state ibikunle amosu though represented by the salis shuaib ,deputy chief of staff ,a Muslim activist and colleague for many years in the service to Islam. The presence of speaker of the ogun state house of assembly as well as the new paramount ruler of yewaland the OLu of Ilaro where Jamia AHMADIYYA was situated gladens my heart. Effectively,the jamaat is now back on the track and adequately recognized by the state apparatus for its immense contributions to humanity.

    The requests from the government and paramount rulers were for continue support of the jamaat in moral rearmament of the youths, contribution to sustenance growth of the state and the country in general and more pungently for the establishment of a university were direct acknowledgement of tremendous role of AHMADIYYA Muslim jamaat to the progress of Ilaro,ogun state and nigeria in all its entire. It obvious pose a greater challenge to the AHMADIYYA Muslim jamaat in nigeria .

    It was quite instructive that the paramount rulers from the north of the country precisely Nasarawa state where the jamaat settlement is located where present in Ilaro.

    The Jalsa gah was effectively moved to its original site on he master plan with all facilities firmly demarcated and ready for full construction in subsequent years. Pls join the nigerian jamaat in your prayers for the fulfillment of its goals .
    Qasim akinreti protocol and media officer for the jalsa.

  5. Pls note jalsa gah effectively moved to its permanent site on the mater plan of the over 80 hectares of land .
    It obviously poses greater challenge for the jamaat in nigeria.

  6. The 61st Jalsa Salana Nigeria was, no doubt and by all standards, an OUTSTANDING LANDMARK EVENT. May Allah the Almighty continue to bless the leadership of the Jama’at, the Organizers of the Jalsa, all those who contributed to it in whatever way and the entire members of the Jama’at IMMEASURABLY, Allahummo Aamin.

  7. Jazakumunllah, for the correction, May Allah Increase You in Knowledge and Gives you more opportunity to serve Islam Ahmadiyya, Amin

  8. Jazakallahu Khairan Salma for the write up.
    ” our Jalsa in not a ordinary convention” it is an holy place where we seek the blessings of Almighty Allah. Big thanks to Jalsa Planning committee members, I congratulate them for the successful planning withing the short time, may almighty Allah bless them and give them strength to surpass their achievement this year.

  9. Jazakallahu Khairan for the write up.
    Our Jalsa is not an ordinary convention, it is gathering where we seek the blessings of Almighty Allah.
    Big JAzakallah to the Jalsa Planning COmmittee members for their successful planning, giving the short notice. May Allah bless them and give them more strength to surpass this year achievement.


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