Persecution, Personal Insults & Forgiveness:The Shining Example of Holy Prophet of Islam

Blog by Shahadeel: “Surely there is a good example for you in the Messenger of Allah, for all those who look forward to Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much” (33:22) The Holy Quran.

“For a Muslim, life is full of good and nobody but a true believer finds himself in that position; for, if he meets with success he is grateful to God and becomes the recipient of greater favours from Him. On the other hand, if he suffers pain and tribulation he endures it with patience and this again makes himself deserving of God’s favours.” (Bukhari Kitabut Tibb).

The Holy prophet of Islam, may the peace of blessings of Allah be upon him, spent 15 years  (or 13 years, according to different sources) after his proclamation to be the messenger of Allah in Mecca. Mecca was the city he was born in, nurtured from the very beginning; this was the city of his ancestors, the city in which the Holy Prophet of Islam spent most of his life. However, this was also the city where he and his followers were persecuted, insulted, tortured and brutally abused.Regardless of such torment the attitude he showed his people, his forgiving nature and his absolute firm belief in his Lord proved and is still proving to be of those role models who the world desperately needs to recognise. It proves that what the media today shows, that is, so-called Muslims burning down embassies and flags, stands in direct conflict with the teachings and the beautiful practices of Islam and that of the Holy Prophet of Islam.


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