Mentoring the modern Muslim woman


Saturday, 22 December 2012

“Saudi Women in International Organizations” was the theme of a meeting which gathered together more than 150 professional women in Jeddah to celebrate the launch of CellA+ a nonprofit organization of Saudi professional women under the umbrella of Al-Nahda Women’s Philanthropic Society which is also observing its 50th anniversary.

Al-Nahda is celebrating 50 years of service toward the empowerment of Saudi women through financial and social support. The society has provided training and employment for women to help them become active partners in the development of their society.

CellA+ serves as a link for idea sharing and networking for business and professional women across the country. The team of professional women have come together to provide support for other professionals who wish to develop skills in their fields of work and to provide opportunities and share resources in order to empower CellA+ members.

Dr. Thoraya Obaid, the Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund and former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations who was the guest speaker at the event, gave an inspiring presentation in which she shared her long and rich experience at the U.N.. She stressed the importance of education and mentoring programs that can have a strong impact on communities. She said she has always believed it to be her responsibility to mentor future leaders, and said that women in particular have a more important role to play in helping other women, emphasizing the need for increased empowerment of women across the country.


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