Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Holland to build a mosque in Almere

Almere Poort is becoming more useful.

On Tuesday the 11th of December, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community signed a purchase agreement with the municipality for the construction of a mosque at the Cascade Park. The park also has other offices, public facilities and housing.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who is building a mosque, is a movement within Islam and the community in the Netherlands has been organized since 1947.
There are about 1500 Ahmadi Muslims in the Netherlands.
According to the municipality of Almere, the size of the mosque is about 275 m2 and it offers space for 100 worshipers.

It is now up to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to finalize and submit the construction plans of the mosque to the town.
The design will then be reviewed for the engineering and other welfare requirements.
After six weeks, the plan will be available for inspection and everyone will be able to file their own comments or any objections.

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  1. Maashaallah, Alhamdolillah.Congratulations to

    our beloved Hazoore anwar and all ahmadies worldwide

    and specially to jamaat Holland. ameen.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. Indeed, it has taken many visits of Huzuur aba to initiate this progress of Ahamdiyyat in the Netherlandss. One request for prayer being, as I am from Netherlands Lajna & Lecturer at Stenden University: I am doing my best to promote Islam ( by doing) to my students & colleagues), by Grace of God; nevertheless, our counterpart, Dutch Ansar/Khuddam are ( sorry to say this) not very active. God Almighty, following his promise to our Beloved Promised Messiah as is helping this Jamaat to stay ‘alive’. Young Lajna is more educated and doing more. For example, there was a teenage ramp ( follow-up of Facebook project X ) vandalism; there was no reaction whatsoever from the Jamaat’s spokesman or the Imam of The Hague mosque. How can the public/media show interest in this Jamaat let alone know that it exists. Unfortunately, I do not get any backing as well regarding public relationing. May God help us.

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