Is Germany a horrible place to raise a family?

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Despite generous child subsidies, tax breaks and parental leave, fewer Germans want to start a family. Is Germany really such an inhospitable place to have kids? Have your say.


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  1. An interesting topic. Having lived more than two decades and been fully integrated in the German society, to me, problem is not that simple which can be solved by raising financial advantages or leave period. After having talked to many Germans I am of the view it requires complete overhauling of the current German mind set. Main argument which I came across was better to have a pet as substitute to kid. Reasons, pet will remain pet and neither will increase problems for you nor will question your rights. Relative to pet kid will grow each day and likely to question you and will leave you alone after specific period of time. Requirements and necessities of kid are also different relative to pet.

    Many a times children force the parents to make new decisions that are needed to accommodate them. If parents are not skilled in making mutually agreeable decisions that take each other’s feelings into account, the lifestyle created by these new decisions can become intolerable for all the parties.

    When asked about the aim of life most Germans replied, good work, money and sex. With these aim ingredients, family life has no place in the majority of German minds. Importance of family bondage, love with own blood, joint family system etc are all bookish things to many Germans. Hardly Germans know that people get married most of the time because of love, and not wanting to be apart from someone. To make a baby together that is half you and half the one you love is a powerful thing.

    Just few decades ago it was neither a problem in Germany nor elsewhere in Europe. People were more affectionate, sympathetic and considerate. Social and ethical norms were at high priority. When Almighty created human being He clearly guided to follow the rights of God and rights of fellow being. When Creator has clearly laid down the aim of life why not to follow His commandments. And it is proven fact when creature follows the guidelines given by Creator all problems get solved. To me the mind set of Germans needs a complete overhaul to modify the aim ingredients of their life if nation has to survive as respectable entity on this planet.

  2. The words written by Mr. Zubair Khan shows his love for Germans and German society. Its really worth appreciation. The matter discussed is of great importance, its the matter of survival of a nation. So, it should be addressed with utmost care. I agree with the point that when creation follows the rules of creator, problems get solved. Virtually europeon society is being governed by preferences created by businessmen. They need customers for their products and borrowers to pay interest on the money piled up by them. For expansion of the market they have forced each and everyone to become part of their activities. Human being has become a small part of a big productive machine. Life is being governed by a hell of economic compulsions. These compulsions has forced the people to ignore their traditions or, the rules taught by the creator. At the same time laws framed in these countries are again, not according to the rules given by the creator. Mothers should be provided a real peace of mind, protection and education to meet the requirements of family cohesion.

  3. Well, money does not solve a (family) problem, in fact it can increase it. Good pensions for the elderly actually decreased family values. The young thought that they do not need to care for the old. And even the old thought we can manage without the kids. Of course in the olden days when there were no pensions the young did take care of the old in Europe too. And each accomodated the other.

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