Tracing hate: –The Slippery Slope for Pakistan After 1953 Anti Ahmadiyya Riots

Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: Did he shoot himself in the foot in 1974?

Dawn: Nadeem Paracha:

It is believed that Pakistan’s descent into the quagmire of violence, partaken in the name of religion has its roots in 1974 when the otherwise ‘secular’ government of Z A. Bhutto declared (through legislation) the Ahmadi community as a religious minority.

Many Pakistani political historians have also correctly pointed out that the Bhutto government’s move in this regard set off various other scenarios that set the scene for its own dramatic downfall in 1977.

Without getting into the theological debate of whether the Ahmadi community deserved excommunication from the fold of Islam in Pakistan or not, one can, however, reach a political conclusion that this issue has triggered the demise of democratic and non-religious forces that sided with those who originally initiated legislative action against the Ahmadis.

The following examples in this context should also be taken as a warning by democratic parties on both sides of the ideological divide that their ‘pragmatic’ association with fundamentalist and sectarian outfits is akin to digging a hole for themselves.


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  1. pakistan.s consitution allowes legal sectrinism the seed of haterd become full tree ,After 1974 no of seats in national and provintial assemblese of secular parties decreasing which is proof of cosequenses of 1974 decion now face the music

  2. Constitution of Pakistan is the only constitution in the whole world which targets a certain community by name “anti-Qadiani provisions”, incites intolerance and violence against the most peace loving non violent community. Such provisions are known infamous by legal critics and historians.The PPP rule has always damaged the febric of the country and its soverienty and security.

  3. @Mushtaq Sheikh. You are right but ´to me day is approaching when nation will realise its mistake and will repent.

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