Iran hosts International Conference on Muslim Women Scholars


Iran has held the International Conference on Muslim Women Scholars, hosting researchers from different countries in the capital city of Tehran, Press TV reports.

Scholars from Europe, Africa and Asia have participated in the event to discuss the role of women in science and technology, management and employment, education and mental health.

“The conference highlights the roles that women play in Muslim countries especially in Iran” conference organizer Mohamamd-Reza Emad told Press TV.

“There have been allegations that in Iran the government holds back women or violates their rights. This high-level conference proves that these allegations are baseless,” he added.

Participants also highlighted Muslim women’s abilities to be at the forefront of scientific, social, economic, and cultural movements and developments.

“Most of the time you don’t know what is happening in other countries especially like in Iran. I have come to realize that in Iran many women are taking part in science and technology development,” said Leyla Abubakr of Nairobi University.

Iran has one of the highest school enrollment ratios for women at the primary level. More than fifty percent of Iranian university students, 40 percent of the country’s labor force and 70 percent of its science and engineering students are also women.


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