A Muslim student’s letter to Santa is going viral on the World Wide Web

Source: By Dan Evon

The fourth grade Muslim student had never written a letter to Santa but did so for a school assignment. An image of the letter was posted on Reddit and the internet collectively oohed and awed.

Christmas isn’t a holy day for Muslims so this was the young student’s first letter to Santa. But the kid wasn’t jealous of everyone else for getting presents. Instead, the student was very thankful that Santa was “spreading happiness around the earth.”

Still, there was one question on the student’s mind: How does Santa do it all in one night?

Here’s the Muslim student’s letter to Santa.

“Dear Santa,

I know that I never wrote you a letter because I don’t celebrate Christmas but I am writing you this one to thank you for giving everyone presents. I want to ask you one thing. Is it true you go all around the world in one night? If you do can you tell me how you did it? Santa thank you for spreading happiness around the earth! And say hi to Mrs. Claus for me.”


Are you surprised that the student was so thankful for Santa even though they won’t be getting any presents of their own?

The letter has caused a little bit of controversy has several redditors worried that the student was forced to write a religious letter. The Redditor, whose username kind of ruins the cute and cuddly feeling of the letter, writes:

“To my mother’s defense I don’t think the assignment was meant to be a religious one, and the student was given other options. However, she chose to write a letter to Santa and did so adorably, so I wanted to share it with you guys.”

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