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  1. Well, on the other hand Pakistanis are very much influenced by Indian movies, dramas, soap operas. Even Pakistani wedding customs have changed to include what they watch on satellite TV from India.

  2. Dear MR. Haq
    Just few hours back, you advised me to leave Indian Muslims and India alone and concentrate on Pakistan.

    And what do you do yourself afterwards. Post a very silly video with a fanatic person, most Pakistanis do not support or approve.
    So please do not be double moralist. Do what you preach. Leave Pakistan alone and take care of your poor, hungry and backward Muslim masses in India.

  3. Mr. Quraishy, you do not live in south Asia to understand what Pakistan is doing with Muslims in it’s eastern neighour. Or may be you do understand and you do not recognize the dangerous games being played by Pakistan with Indian Muslims. But you have to try hard in your goal of making Indian Muslims a punching bag between Far right Hindus and Pakistani Muslims. Because no matter what you do, humanity will not erode to the extent that our own people(non-muslims) will anihilate us in the manner you want. Inshallah

    Anyways, ultimately it’s Allah(swt) will which is ultimate result we see.

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