Innocence of Muslims 2? Belgium alarmed as another controversial film to be released

Belgium has heightened its terror alert level ahead of the release of another highly provocative film exploring Islam, reportedly made in cooperation with the notorious Koran-burning US pastor Terry Jones. The film’s creator is Pakistan national Imran Firasat, a former Muslim who now lives in Spain. Firasat said he aims to expose the truth of the life of the Prophet Muhammad with ‘The Innocent Prophet: Life of Muhammad from the Point of View of an Ex-Muslim.’ “If we want to know the truth of Islam, we must go deep into the life of Muhammad to find out whether he was a genuine profit sent by God or was he simply a child molester, assassin and a self-proclaimed prophet,” he said in the film’s trailer. Firasat also hailed pastor Terry Jones as his inspiration. Jones wrote on his website, “It is our hope and desire that we can present a picture of Muhammad that has possibly not been revealed in the past, that will help people in the Western world, and even Muslims, to better understand this person called Muhammad, his life and teachings.” Jones is infamous for his incendiary anti-Islam speeches, and for staging a ‘Koran-burning day’ on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. READ MORE HERE:

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  1. Mr. terry Jones considered the Quran as provocative and harsh, advocating killing of disbelievers (kafirs). I had checked all the verses that he presented as being harsh. They all contained the word Kafir.
    Now we have to understand the real meaning of the word Kafir.
    Every one who does not believe in Muhammad is not kafir. That is a wrong meaning being projected by non-Ahmadi maulvis.
    kafir is a one to whom the message of Islam is given in good faith, in comfort, in peaceful way. He/she rejects the message, does not recite the kalima, he/she does not join the fold of believers, rather gets on the opposite side against Islam ready to fight the believers.
    In short Kafir is an open enemy of Islam and Muslims. King Pharoah of Egypt was a Kafir. Abu Jehl is a good example of Kafir. Dare-devil (Al-Shaitan)is a good example of Kafir.

    I wanted to challenge Mr. Jones to show even one harsh verse from the Quran without the word Kafir. An enemy is an enemy. We do not offer the other cheek to the enemy like Mr. Jones church faith; not always.

  2. Muhammad never killed any one. He was full of love for every one. He forgave his staunch enemy of Makkah when he entered Makkah as a victor.

    Jesus (a.s.) was right in saying what he said while preaching under the Roman kingdom rule “to offer the other cheek.” There was no other way for him.
    It is not a bad thing to do that under bad circumstances and if one can do that. But it is not the final answer. At times, It becomes necessary to seriously oppose (face) the enemies. Otherwise, poor people will keep on suffering.

    If terry Mr. Jones has good will then he can study the Quran properly and study the life history of the prophet Muhammad diligently. He will find that there has been no more peaceful person in the world than the prophet Muhammad.

    The name of the message Muhammad (s.a.w.s) brought is Islam (meaning Peace). The prophet also taught that the message brought by all the previous prophets was also the message of Peace. What could be better than that!!

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