Twinning Jewish & Muslim Students

As tensions flared between Israelis and Palestinians recently, Jewish and Muslim students on campus joined peacefully during a “Weekend of Twinning,” to promote community and tear down traditional stereotypes.

From Nov. 15-17, the Jewish Muslim Alliance hosted its second annual Weekend of Twinning, in which Jewish and Muslim students came together to build relationships and understanding, while sharing prayer services and engaging in community service.

Twinning is originally an international event established in 2008 and organized by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress and the Islamic Society of North America. The FFEU reported that 250 Muslim and Jewish organizations in 26 Countries and four continents participated in the weekend’s activities. The event was adopted last year by the UMD Jewish Muslim Alliance and debuted with much success, leading to its annual continuance here at the university.

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  1. This is the need of the time. I wish everyone thought this way. The message of Islam is Love for All Hatred for None.

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