To stop the violence in Syria

by Amer Al Sabaileh | Dec 02, 2012 | JORDAN TIMES

The coming days may witness a terrifying increase in the bloodshed in Syria, targeting civilians and seeking to destroy the image of the Syrian regime and expose it as incapable of controlling the country.

Increased violence in Syria is expected as a means to influence the discussion around the political exit plan that precedes the formation of the Syrian transitional government.

Russia, which has refused to discuss any proposal away from what was decided at the “Geneva Meeting”, could now face a real challenge in view of the changes in Syria.

The United States initiated the formation of a loyal cabal from among those who oppose the Syrian regime. The US affirmed full support for the so-called “unified Syrian opposition”, which was recently formed in Doha.

State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said: “We look forward to supporting the National Coalition as it charts a course towards the end of Assad’s bloody rule and the start of the peaceful, just, democratic future that all the people of Syria deserve. We will work with the National Coalition to ensure that our humanitarian and non-lethal assistance serves the needs of the Syrian people.”

It is clear that Washington is trying to remould the political settlement in Syria through the creation of a new opposition, which will be marketed as the sole representative of the Syrian people.

This will put an end to the Russian-backed plan outlined at the Geneva Meeting, and will consequently give the Americans a real political victory in Syria.


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