Muslim fashions light up Jakarta Fashion Week

Designer Ria Miranda’s “Minang Heritage'” collection is modeled November 8th at Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2013. Muslimwear was in the spotlight at JFW 2013, held at Plaza Senayan in Jakarta November 3rd-12th. [Cempaka Kaulika/Khabar].

Some fans of the sector say Indonesia could reach its goal of becoming fashion king of the Muslim world well before the government-set goal of 2020.

By Cempaka Kaulika for Khabar Southeast Asia in Jakarta

The hundreds of hijab fashionistas attending day six of Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) proved once again that Muslim women don’t sacrifice creativity in their pursuit of modesty – and showed why Indonesia is aiming to become the trendsetter of the Muslim fashion world.

JFW 2013, staged this year at Plaza Senayan in Jakarta from November 3th – 12th, devoted one day to the Muslim fashion scene, showcasing designers on the cutting edge of Indonesia’s effort to become the capital of the Muslim fashion world by 2020.

With a growing market in countries such as Malaysia and the UAE, many Indonesian Muslimwear designers are highly regarded for their innovative approaches. Indonesian designers are regularly invited to Islamic fashion shows in Middle Eastern countries.

Fashion specialists say this creativity comes about because Islamic garb is seen as a choice and not a compulsion.

In Indonesia, “women who wear the hijab from day to day do it because of their own willingness to wear it,” Diaz Parzada, a creative director at Jakarta Fashion Week, told Khabar Southeast Asia. “There are no specific regulations requiring Muslim woman to wear the hijab. They use the hijab on their own, to live the teachings of their religion,” she said.

“That’s why I think Muslim dress is developing rapidly in Indonesia. Hijabers want to express themselves, be fashionable and observe religious precepts at the same time. Their creativity creates the variety of Muslim fashion in Indonesia.”


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  1. Islamic fashion? non of them have covering of bosom as the Holy Quran addresses ladies saying that o’ Muslim women cover your head in a way that it stretches out on your bosom..

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