Promoting love, tolerance through art in Pakistan

Source: Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Art can be effective in highlighting and combating intolerance in the society.

This was the message on display at the Virsa Museum on Saturday, where young artists exhibited the artwork they had created during a week-long workshop.

The workshop, “Face Off 2,” was organised by the Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts with the support of the US embassy. It was attended by around 300 students belonging to different art institutions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as well as artists from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan. Intolerance was the central theme of the project.

Through paintings, sculptures, photographs, caricatures and miniatures, the young artists showed how they viewed the presence of intolerance in society.

A series of four paintings showed drones circling over buildings against a light blue sky, while a centrepiece mural depicted a musician in chains. Tucked in a corner between these two, a 12×8 feet collage enforced a message of hope. The collage, formed by combining several one-square-foot canvases, showed a dove – the universal symbol of peace. According to Raza Shah, a trainer at the workshop, it was prepared by 20 students.

“The workshop was a great platform to polish my skills and the instructors helped me to think on a broader scale,” said Zuha Afzal, a student at Rawalpindi Institute of Art and Design.

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