The Anti-Anti-Islam Film TV Ad By US in Pakistan Repudiating Film

Source: Listitude

“This is the controversial TV commercial broadcast in Pakistan, in which President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appologize for the film trailer about Islam and the Islamic Prophet Mohammed that is reputed to have ignited discontent and protests in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world. They point out it had nothing to do with the U.S. government.

This TV ad pursues the consistent theme of the US officials that the unrest was sparked by a tasteless (poorly made) film trailer. This stance has become a subject of debate in the 2012 election between Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney. The position of the Obama campaign has been the terrorist attack and murders in Libya were prompted by the film and therefore they needed to diffuse the Islamic outrage. On the other hand, detractors have argued that the apologies tend to reinforce the radicals in the Islamic world because it provides a partial accomplishment of a goal of humiliating America, and thereby promotes fiurther violence and unrest. What do you think?

This video includes statements by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the seal of the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.”

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