Man accused of blasphemy after refusing to join anti-Islam film protest

Dawn: HYDERABAD: A businessman accused of blasphemy has gone underground and wants the religious leaders to hear his viewpoint.

Haji Nasrullah, who owns a market at Hala Naka area off National Highway and is the chairman of a local shopkeepers association, originally hails from Mohmand Agency.

According to Munir Abbasi, a police officer at the Hatri police station, Nasrullah was booked for blasphemy offence under sections 295-B and C on the complaint of Kachkol Khan.

Blasphemy is punishable by life in prison or death under Pakistani laws. Human rights groups and civil society organisations often call for repealing it on the ground that it is badly misused, particularly against religious minorities for settling personal scores.

Abbasi explains that the trouble began on Sunday night when the city observed a strike against an anti-Islam film.

“Some protesters wanted shops at the Hala Naka area closed in protest against the anti-Islam movie to which Nasrullah objected,” he said.


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4 replies

  1. A place where people are blind in their own interpretation, one should refrain from any form of objection. You have to keep quit. These people are uncontrollable.
    Only Allah knows how to deal with them The more they are getting religious the more they are treading away from honest, justice and piety. What a contrast.

  2. Are they not defaming Islam and its Holy founder by their Un-Islamic conduct. Forcibly making people to follow their own interpretation of Islam. Don’t they themselves fall into the category of Blasphemers?

  3. Oh, I’m sure they do Sister Anisa. But, then look at it this way….. long term effect of these daft laws.

    Only when non-minorities in Pakistan also suffer the consequences of these lawless laws, will an effective protest against them, start.

    For example, in my country, the cops and politicians usually don’t react immediately to crises, till one of them gets affected and then they really WAKE UP!

    So, I believe that only when some of the majority suffer the results of these unjust laws, will these dormant Pakistanis take positive action…., Insha’Allah.

  4. Now that about 20 lives have been claimed by “peaceful” protest on the “Ishq-e-rasool” day. People have ultimately began to say if these Mullahs cannot manage and monitor the protest and cannot make sure no harm is afflicted to any property or any individual, then why do they give a call for protest. Mullahs should be accountable for this by law.
    This protest in fact is a true X-ray of the Muslim Ummah today. They are nothing but terrorists, thieves and robbers. Destructor. That is what has come out of it as a result. Killings their own people, looting, destroying, robbing their own banks.
    Is this the insight, the conduct of a Muslims to be followed???
    In fact they are omitting blasphemy. By conveyancing and defaming it. And they do not know it is them that are receiving punishment from God, already. Alas! but the7y see not.

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