Islam is ready for peace with Israel, says rabbi but Israel isn’t listening

The Tines of Israel:

Islam is ready for peace with Israel, says rabbi who has met with ‘whole strata’ of radicals

Ex-cabinet minister Michael Melchior says all are willing for co-existence alongside the Jewish state, but Israel isn’t listening

A renowned Jewish leader, thinker and activist, Rabbi Michael Melchior is a leading advocate for social justice in Israel, quality education for all, Jewish-Arab reconciliation and co-existence, protection … Wikipedia

For 10 years, from 1999, Rabbi Michael Melchior was a member of Knesset, elected via the dovish Meimad faction — the political face of moderate religious Zionism.

Apart from holding a ministerial position with responsibilities for the Diaspora and for social affairs, and deputy ministerial posts in the Education and Foreign Affairs ministries, Melchior worked hard during that period to bolster interfaith dialogue — seeking to provide a kind of religious authorization, from influential Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, for the political compromises necessary to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A highpoint of that effort was an interfaith summit in Alexandria, in 2002, at which influential religious leaders put their names to a declaration opposing the abuse of religion in the cause of conflict, and asserting the joint interest of the three monotheistic faiths in a joint quest “for a just peace that leads to reconciliation in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, for the common good of all our peoples.”

The signatories — who included six rabbis, four bishops and four sheikhs — stated that “The Holy Land is holy to all three of our faiths. Therefore, followers of the divine religions must respect its sanctity, and bloodshed must not be allowed to pollute it.” And so, declaration continued, “We call on the political leaders of both peoples to work for a just, secure and durable solution in the spirit of the words of the Almighty and the Prophets.”

A decade later, Melchior, 58 and now out of party politics, is if anything more fervent in his belief that the religious support for reconciliation is there — emphatically including from spiritual leaders representing Islam. He says too many Israelis and supporters of Israel have bought into the false assessment that peace with the Palestinians is impossible, that the leadership on the other side is unwilling to make the necessary compromises, and that Muslim religious zealots would prevent any such compromises even if Palestinian political leaders did negotiate it.

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2 replies

  1. Why Islam is ready? Islam is the only religion with clear cut platform for peace and war in the event of a breach and attack on a Islamic nation on grounds of faith.

    Many who have not studied Islam as a system and a comprehensive way of life miss the point that Islam offers a complete range of solutions and platform for all facets of life. No question of being ready, as a faith it is ever ready. It is the select religion of God and answers to social, economic and political issues.

    It is the Muslims and more particularly Muslims in close proximity with Israel. Not that I support all that Israel and it does but to say Islam is ready is really a a crooked way saying. Islam is always ready for peace as peace is at the center of its doctrine and message embedded in its name its DNA.

    So learned Rabbi Michael should say Palestinian Muslims not Islam. Why Muslims only? There are scores of Christians who are also affected by onslaughts leashed out by Israel.

  2. I live in Israel and have participated in numerous activities and meetings to promote peace and unity. I know many Jewish, Christians, Muslims, and Druze who have been doing the same for decades. I and we have met many Palestinians who seem to sincerely seek a just peace. Many people in Israel see the conflicts in this region as political and historical not issues of faith.

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