Patience is the answer to anti-Islam movie, not violence

Source/Credit: Dallas Morning News

By Saima Sheikh

Once again parts of Middle East are embroiled in violence as a result of an anti-Islam movie that no one even heard of a week ago. Instead of ignoring this nonsensical movie, the very Muslims who claim to love and honor Muhammad, founder of Islam, are themselves the cause of violence and senseless killings of innocent people.

This is against the true teachings of Islam. Prophet Muhammad was never the instigator of violence nor did he ever ask his followers to kill innocent people. On the other hand, he always asked his followers to be patient no matter what the circumstance. There are many instances in the early history of Islam where the Prophet Muhammad and his followers were harassed, beaten and even killed but they never responded with violence. For instance, once Prophet Muhammad was visiting the city of Taif, which is about 90 kilometers from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The town’s people harassed, mocked and even beat him with rocks till he was bleeding from head to toe. Once he crossed the outskirts of the city, he decided to rest. An angel came to him and asked if he wanted the angel to crush the town by moving the mountains which surrounded the city in a way that they would engulf the entire city.

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