Prince Sultan stresses women’s role in society

Thursday 13 September 2012

Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, was a guest at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knowledge meeting recently.

Prince Sultan, who is also the chairman of the Disabled Children’s Association (DISCA). said: “Women play a major role in the development of their country.” He is proud of the fact that the DISCA was one of the first organizations to include women on its board of directors. “The normal place for women is in a leading position,” the prince said.

Prince Sultan stressed the need for the younger generation to initiate more interaction in a world where social networking dominates.

“Children learn by meeting others, by interacting and experiencing,” he said. He talked about his childhood and how his philanthropic nature was influenced by his mother’s tireless charitable activities.

“The mother is a role model for her children, especially boys. It is not completely correct that boys should be brought up by their fathers and girls by their mothers. No man can achieve success without his mother’s involvement,” the prince said. Prince Sultan was the first Arab and Muslim to fly in space. He is also the youngest person to fly on the Space Shuttle, at the age of 28. He credits education as important to helping people live a better life, especially when interacting with other cultures.

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