School: German children cannot learn Turkish

Credit: The Local

Photo: DPA

Chiara Rick from Duisburg, North-Rhine Westphalia, asked to learn Turkish with some of her Turkish-speaking classmates but was told that there was a state decree preventing it, said regional paper the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ).

She had learned some English while in kindergarten and has a passion for languages – she told the paper she “wants to learn Turkish too,” after being introduced to it by classmates.

Her mother Sabine said it was “a really great thing” that her daughter wanted to learn a completely different language – that of her friends at school

The decree excluding German native-speakers from classes taught for pupils with a different mother tongue had, she said, nothing to do with integration. “What benefit for integration does it have when they stick among themselves?” she added.


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  1. Salam. I am from germany. Actually the case was, that it was a lesson for native Turkish speaking pupils. So it was not course for beginners. Its normal for every language course that beginners can’t join advanced courses. So it is not a law that they don’t want German to learn Turkish.
    In my opinion we shouldn’t criticise them. I am glad that they allow Turkish pupils to learn there own mother language as well in school. I see how many Pakistanis didn’t thought there children Urdu. So many khuddam and atfal even don’t understand khutba of hadhur, speeches etc.

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