Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah Sect Fears Religious Violence

Source: Voice of America Report:

Indonesian disapprove the violence against Ahmadiyyah sect by a margin of 85%but the attacks on minorities are on rise

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  1. Very painful Video showing scenes of violence and the destruction of the Ahmadiyyah mosque, the peaceful place of worship of God.The people and the government must feel strong and strengthen itself on the basis of such reports that 85 percent Indonesians dislike and thus disapprove of using violence against the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community. Despite all these sort of things the Ahmadiyyas must continue their selfless services’ for the noble cause of ‘jehad’ against all evil forces in society. All such painful videos and heart-breaking reports make our hearts bleed like anything. Anyhow, in all these-like minus circumstances,we the Ahmadis residing in all parts of the world pray to Almighty God for the safety and security of our hard-pressed Indonesian brothers-in-faith, who are being increasingly threatened by the violent mobs, habitual to taking law in their hand, something which the vigilant Administration and the local police must check in order to secure life of all citizens and also to ensure justice and fair play to all, high and low in society. May God bless Indonesia for all the time to come,Ameen.

  2. I have never been able to have the heart to watch this video. Even to think what is happening in it is unbearable.
    The 80% against it show that if Government of Indonesia really wants to stop it. It can do it at this stage.
    Else these scavengers will one soon sit on its back and dictate it, ruining all the peace and harmony of the country. Like they converted Pakistan into hell.

  3. In Indonasia mullahs from Pakistan with wahabi money are doing their best to stage their ugliness, barbaric and dark face of their character. They have devil on their side and they do not care the overall situation of Islamic world. How many muslim countries are underseige and their population of muslim living a life of seculerasim. So much violence different muslim ethnic groups hate each other. But for mullah and his mad followers the Islam is in danger due tiny size Ahmaddiy group. Finality of Prophet Mohammed SAW is the only pillar of Islam. God forbit the prophethood of Hazur is in danger. I hope the people and leaders of these counties get some sanity and throw away the devil of mulllah from their necks.

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