11-year-old mentally challenged Christian girl jailed for blasphemy

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: August 19, 2012





ISLAMABAD: An 11-year-old Christian girl, suffering from Down’s Syndrome, was arrested on Saturday on blasphemy charges, after being accused of burning passages of the Holy Quran.

Rifta Masih was jailed by the police in Mehrabadi village, near Islamabad, after being severely beaten up by locals, for allegedly burning 10 pages of the Noorani Qaida.According to sources, locals blocked the Kashmir Highway for hours and surrounded the Ramna police station in G-11 when the police initially showed reluctance to register a case against the young girl. The police, however, soon succumbed to the pressure, registering a blasphemy case against Rifta and formally arresting her on Thursday.

On the eve of Ramazan 27, Rifta was playing outside her house, opposite sector G-11 in Islamabad, when she was allegedly seen burning and dumping the pages of the Qaida into a bin.

Fearing severe backlash, Rifta’s family fled from the area, while locals handed over the young girl and her mother to the local police. More

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7 replies

  1. Urdu Poetry:-

    “Ankh Jo Kuchh Dekhti Hai, Lab pay Aa Sakta Nain
    Mehway Harat Hun Keh Duniya Kiya Say Kiya Ho JayayGi”

    English Translation:-
    I can not explain what my eyes see, I am stunned and astonished where the world is going on.

    “Main Yeh Kehta Hun Muhabat Say Karo Jo Bhi Karo
    Woh Yeh Kehtay Hain Keh Shamshir Say Ho JoKuchh Ho”

    English Translation:-

    I advise them to deal with others with love and affection but they insist to handle the matters with sword.

  2. I suppose that the myopic mullahs of Pakistan believe that this will further the cause of their version of Islam!

    But, then do they have any brains? I fully support Zia sb’s thoughts regarding those. In fact, they are more challenged than the poor little girl whose blood they are baying for.

    This proves beyond a doubt that these people are EXTREMELY JAHIL with not a drop of knowledge!

  3. Do Pakistani muslims follow the same Islam as other muslims all around the world do?
    I think they have invented their own version of Islam.

    • Unfortunately, Ismail sb, they are also exporting their rabid version of Islam to the rest of the world and we can already see it’s tragic results in places like Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.

      We, in my country, also have some such elements, but, fortunately the law of the land will not give them the support they get in Pakistan – THANK GOD!!!

  4. Not one version, Pakistan is bubbling in uncountable versions of Islam. Probably as many as Mullahs.
    Wherever mullah exists , Islam in that place falls in grave dangers. Of which he is the only self assumed savior.
    In fact the greatest danger to Islam is this demon called Mullah itself.

    God have mercy on this characterless, senseless nation.

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