Russians want Church out of politics

Russian TV: Three quarters of Russians believe the Russian Orthodox Church should keep away from politics, while half of the citizens think the Church has some influence on the country’s internal affairs, a poll has revealed.

The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) conducted the survey to find out what ordinary people think about relations between Church and the state, and what they should be.

According to the pollsters, the number of those who recognise the Church has a hand in domestic policies has grown from 44 per cent to 50 per cent within the past two years. Some 43 per cent of respondents also feel it interferes in external affairs.

Almost two thirds of citizens say the Church has an impact on the spiritual and ethical life of society. Nevertheless, about half of those questioned say the institution plays no role in their lives. At the same time, slightly less than a quarter of people would like the Church to be more involved in solving problems important for the country, while 19 per cent see too much involvement.

When asked how the Orthodox Church should build its ties with the government and society, 44 per cent of people stressed that it should deal with morality issues, but stay away from politics. About a third believes the Church’s business should be limited to faith and religious problems. Only 17 per cent of Russians would like clerics to actively participate in sorting out modern society and state problems.


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  1. There should be no discrimination on religion basis in any field of life.

    Even if a Christian wants to offer his prayer in the Mosque the Holy prophet’s example tell us he can.

    I do not know how this satanic and Islamic trend ventured into Muslims.
    Any one who is found guilty while being in a service should be dealt as a common human, not according to his ethnic back ground.

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