Prez Mahama Visits Wahab Adam At Hospital (Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Ghana in hospital!)

PresidentJohn Dramani Mahama has visited Maulvi Wahab Adam, the Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, at the 37 military hospital to wish him a speedy recovery.

The spiritual leader was admitted to the 37 Military Hospital shortly after he took ill during the funeral and burial service of Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills at the Independence Square in Accra last Friday.

President Mahama, on receiving the information, rushed to the hospital to wish Mauvi Wahab well.

The President assured Maulvi Wahab that government would do everything in its capacity to provide the needed support for him and further assured him that the nation would support him with prayers.

For his part, Maulvi Wahab thanked President Mahama and Ghanaians for their support and praised the hospital staff for their commitment to duty.

He also thanked leaders of other religious groups who assisted and accompanied him to the hospital when he took ill, adding that Ghana was indeed blessed to have such level of tolerance and unity.

The president was accompanied by Mr Baffoe Bonnie, a presidential staffer and advisor.

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  1. This post makes us feel worried about the health of one of the bright ‘jewel’ of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Jamaat-e-Masih Muhammadi, in the person of DR. Abdul Wahab bin Adam, Ameer and Missionary Incharge,Ghana,West Africa, and we pray before God Almighty to bless our spiritual brother-in-faith, with quick recovery from his recent illness and give our Ameer Sahib, the required physical strength and health so that he may resume his normal self-less services to all the Ghanian people, Ameen. The Ahmadis all over the world would pray in these special days of last Ashra of Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak that our Ameer Jamaat-e-Ghana gets the best possible medical treatment and attention of the Hospital Staff and that with the blessings of God,his health will be fully recovered soon, to enable him back in the field of his assignment,(Maidan-e-Amal),with flying colors, InshaAllah.

  2. Thank you Br.ZK, your latest up-dated post, Alhamdolillah makes us feel relieved in thankfulness to God Almighty. May God give Maulana Adam Sahib a long healthy life, full of activities for a long time to come. Ameen.

  3. May Allah grant him good health. Amin. Perhaps, he needs some relaxation. He seems to be overworking himself although he is advance in age, all for the love of Allah and Islam Ahmadiyyat.
    May Allah grant him long life with good health for us. Amin.

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