Secular Pakistan: ‘Pakistanis should know Quaid’s Aug 11 speech by heart’

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan

Secular Pakistan: Jinnah, Lincoln and Nehru

The Express Tribune from 2012 by Sonia Malik: Speakers and the audience at a seminar Jinnah ka Pakistan (Jinnah’s Pakistan) on Saturday agreed that the Quaid had wanted to keep religion and state separate.

The seminar was organised by the Awami Party in Model Town to mark Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s August 11, 1947 speech.

Jamil Omar, the party’s general secretary, compared Jinnah’s August 11 speech with the Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln and Jawaharal Nehru’s August 15 speech. Every child in the United States and India knows these speeches by heart since it is part of their syllabi, Omar said, but in Pakistan this speech has been censored from the press and never included in school syllabi.

The people of Pakistan should know the speech by heart, he said, but the few who know about it have seen only a censored version of it. Omar said the speech had touched upon four important points: that nepotism will not be tolerated; that the government’s “first, second and last” responsibility is the people’s welfare; that citizens of all faiths will be treated equally; and that Pakistan is an independent and a self-sufficient country.

He said it was the third point which had led to the speech being blacked out. Jinnah had reiterated secularism and wanted to keep state and religion apart, said Omar.  If these four points had been adhered to, he said, Pakistan could have been the best country in the world.

Wajahat Masood cited references from several books quoting from Jinnah’s speeches that promote a tolerant Pakistan where religious minorities had equal rights.

He said the Quaid had objected to slogan Pakistan ka matlab kia, La ilaha illallah. Quoting from Malik Ghulam Nabi’s book Daghon ki Bahar he said during his last address to All India Muslim League in December, 1947, a man had asked the Quaid if the slogan was the foundation of Pakistan’s ideology. The Quaid had told him that was not what Pakistan stood for, Masood said.

He said three articles of the national constitution needed to be expunged – Article 2 (a) upholding the Objectives Resolution; Article 227, which says that no law can be repugnant to Quran or Sunnah and Article 203 that gives the Federal Shariat Court the power to strike down any law passed by the parliament that is repugnant to Quran or Sunnah.

He also quoted Thomas Jefferson who had warned that if church was not separated from the state half the people will be hypocrites and the other half stupid. “We should not care if Jinnah was a mullah, a secularist or a pluralist; a nation-state by definition is a secular entity,” he said.

He ended his speech by quoting Jinnah, “In the course of time, Muslims will cease being Muslims; Hindus will cease being Hindus, not religiously, but politically.”

IA Rehman urged the participants to reflect on Jinnah’s views. He said Jinnah had wanted a government that worked for the citizens’ welfare and a country where everyone had equal rights.

After the speeches, the participants asked the party to demand that the clauses added to constitution during General Zia’s rule be removed and the Objectives Resolution declaring Pakistan an Islamic state be denounced. They also demanded that the federation should retain minimal authority and give more powers to the provinces.


4 replies

  1. Thanks for bringing this brilliant topic but Mullahism has not and will not let Pakistanis live in peace and progress since the emergence of “Qarar Dade Muqasid” in colloboration with Late Liaqat Ali Khan, Ahraris, Maudoodis, and all those who were against “P” of Pakistan and used to call Quaide Azam “Kafire Azam” and Pakistan “Paleedastan”. They have now become champions of the cause of Pakistan and openly advocate that Pakistan was obtained: Pakistan’s “Matlib Kia – La ilaha illallah”.
    It was amazingly unbelievable a hefty Mullah Ludhianvi saying repeatedly at PTV talkshow yesterday that Hindus are our brothers referring to holy words of the last sermon “Akhri Khutba” of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. But he will not not call Ahmadis his brothers and continue to play games of double standard. Nawaz Sharif did call Ahmadis his brothers after 28th May incident once but was gravely criticised by Mullahs. God save Pakistan and Pakistanis from evil Mullahs of later days. Amen.

  2. Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a liberal Muslim Leader. He was totally against the theocracy.He was a believer of that Islam which says ” La Iqrah Fi Din ” No compulsion in Religion.No discrimination on the basis of Religion.All Pakistanis should have equal rights.Secularism also gave equal rights to all citizens. True Islamic teachings also give all citizens equal rights.But Theocracy is not ready to give equal rights to all citizens of Pakistan.

  3. Unfortunately Mullah takes secularism as unislamic, forgetting that the Holy Prophet SAW did not declare islamic state what he declared was all are equal no difference between arab and non arab balck and white. you cannot deliver justice if you make one religion of the state. or you become a party with one and then say you are doing justice it will be mockery and nonsense that is what leaders do nowadays encourge one against the other and say “lage raho munna bhai” and say we are doing Islah. Hazur said recently in Friday sermon that the leader should be that much just and truthful that he can give witness against himself.

  4. The post has rightly given prominence to the three outstanding National leaders of USA, India and Pakistan, namely Abraham Lincoln, Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah for their outspoken commitment to the everlasting national glorification. The people of America and India are fortunate enough that their subsequent leaders followed the policies of their pioneer leaders in letter and spirit, the result of which can be seen in their present status of a ‘super power’ as well as the largest(Indian) democracy in the world.But as far as Pakistan is concerned we are going low and low, day by day merely because of our national’sin’of ignoring the principle teachings and practical guidance of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our national tragedy is that our leaders do not practice what they preach and the result is obvious that we could not progress with the time and lagged behind. For example we are below Sri Lanka and even Maldeep as far as national literacy rate is concerned. The Quran calls the muslim as the best of all people but when we compare ourselves with others, we are termed as the worst of all. our is a life full of internal contradictions. It is said that Pakistan wes created on the basis of the holy Kalema Tiyyaba. If this is so, then every Pakistani has got the right to read it, write it or declare and announce it, as part of his faith. But, will you believe that if an Ahmadi citizen of Pakistan recites the holy Kalema, he is accused of, under the Pakistan Penal codes, of having committed the crime of posing as a Muslim, a crime for which he is liable to be punished three years’RI’imprisonment. Has not such laws made us a laughing stock in the world. In view of all this not-so-good state of affairs, it is hoped that out rulers will revert to the golden ideals of the founding father of the nation and by keeping the importance of the August 11 speech in view, it is necessary to include this Address in the course of studies of all Arts and Science students. And the illiterate mullah must be taught the meanings of ‘La Ikra fid Din’ as well as the meaning of ‘Lakum Deenokum walya deen’, there is no compulsion in religion, and that your ‘deen’ or faith is for you and mine is for me’,therefore do not interfere in each others religion and do not call any one as non-muslim or kafir, for the sake of God Almighty. This is a golden principle which we must practice if we want to make the dreams of Pakistan come true as desired by the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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