Pakistani Taliban threaten to kill Imran Khan: Not Muslim Enough?

Guardian: The Pakistani Taliban have threatened to kill Imran Khan if the cricket player turned politician holds a planned march to their tribal stronghold to protest against US drone attacks.

Although the Pakistani Taliban oppose the strikes, which have killed many of their fighters, spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said they would target Khan because he calls himself a “liberal”. Ahsan also warned they would attack anyone who participates in upcoming elections.

“If he comes, our suicide bombers will target him,” Ahsan said in an interview in the militant group’s South Waziristan stronghold. “We will kill him.”

The threat could come as a surprise to many in Pakistan who have criticised Khan for not being tough enough on the Pakistani Taliban and instead focusing most of his criticism on the government’s alliance with the US. Some critics have nicknamed him “Taliban Khan” because of his views and his cosy ties with conservative Islamists who could help him attract rightwing voters in national elections likely to be held later this year or early next year.

Khan, who is the founder of the Pakistan Movement for Justice party, has gained momentum over the last year after more than a decade in politics. He is perhaps the most famous person in Pakistan because he led the country’s cricket team to victory in the 1992 World Cup.


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  1. For any little things that annoys Taliban, their ultimate “little punishment” is death for the “culprit”.
    One wonders don’t they have any God to fear? Have they any religion that teaches them mercy , justice and humanity?
    Or are they themselves immortal?
    They are anything but friendly to anyone.
    May Allah change their hearts. They have created insecurity, unrest and chaos in the world. And are bringing bad names to the most peaceful religion Islam. After all they are too human. May Allah give them realization of their wrong doings.Amen. Allah is all capable.

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