FIJI NEWS – New Fiji constitution submission hears return to 1997

SDL submission wants return of 1997 constitution
Publish date/time: 08/08/2012 [17:05]

Reinstate the Great Council of Chiefs, bring back the 1997 constitution with amendments, Fiji to be a Christian state and the name Fijian should only be for the i-taukei.
These were the main submissions made by about 10 individuals to the Constitution Commission at the public hearings held at Lami Catholic Hall earlier today although some of the matters raised are non-negotiable under the new constitution.
A former police officer and candidate in the past two elections Tevita Tabalailai submitted that the i-taukei language should be the national language and everyone should learn it.
He also proposed that immunity should not be included in the new constitution as it would encourage the coup culture and he does not agree with dual citizenship.
Another Lami resident Kini Koto of Naivikinikini submitted that the 99 year land lease should be reduced to fifty as most people do not live up to 99 years.
Sepesa Niumataiwalu submitted that all those who took part in the 2006 coup not to contest the 2014 elections and past politicians with good records should contest the elections.
Meanwhile, the non-negotiable principles for the constitution include a common and equal citizenry, a secular state where there will be freedom of religion and no religion will be given preference by the state, the removal of systematic corruption and elimination of ethnic voting.
According to the Constitutional Commission Decree, the new constitution has to include immunity for those who were involved in the 2006 coup and those who took up positions thereafter.

2 replies

  1. The SDL submissions – which they have denied – could topple the apple card on the way to restoration of democracy in Fiji.

    The two things they demanded seem outrageous and that may not fly with the Frank Banimarama’s current government:

    1. The restoration of Great Council of Chiefs ( a sor of parallel Fijian government on the side in a democratic system.

    2. Aspects of 1997 Constitutions.

  2. I strongly believe that Fiji should be declared a Christian State simply because the Fijian people became civilized through Christianity. Through Christianity they were able to forsake cannibalism where they were serving ancient gods who were in fact demons. So for this reason alone is why the natives here need to always cherish this religion or belief and always stand together in keeping this belief system alive. It was not through Hinduism or Islam or Buddhism so to speak.

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