5 rishtas every girl will get

Credit: ET

Certain mufta-loving khaandans enjoy eating munchies, sipping tea in pretense of looking at prospective girls for son. PHOTO: FILE

1- Bahar ka rishta

Forget sharafat and tameez, this family’s biggest accomplishment is that their son is in amreeka! The son is missing, “because he’s in Amreeka… na!!!” As soon as you serve tea, the mother will sit you down and show an entire album of pictures of her son. One of the pictures will surely be in Disneyland, where he’ll be wearing a fanny pack and an FOB smirk that says, “Take that … I’m in the happiest place in the world!”

The spill: If his mother says, he runs his own business in NYC, it’s safe to assume he has a Halal food cart on 53rd & 6th avenue. Unless you enjoy gyros and falafels 24/7, consider passing up on this gem!

2- The larka who could pass for your abba!

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