Girls are more than equal in Jordan: Girls take top spots in Tawjihi summer session results

by Laila Azzeh JORDAN TIMES

Students who sat for the Tawjihi summer session celebrate on Friday night by driving through the streets of Amman after receiving their results (Photo by Abdullah Ayoub)

AMMAN — Jordan’s young women made a strong showing in the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi) summer session, with girls dominating the lists of top 10 students in the scientific, literary and IT streams, according to education ministry figures.

After the scores were released on Friday night, social media websites lit up with debates over why girls got more “impressive” scores than their male peers. Some said it was because girls are usually obligated to stay at home and therefore study more, but one sociologist said the reasons behind girls’ high achievement “go much deeper”.

“The societal perspective on women’s role has changed dramatically. Jordanian women are now seen as partners and no longer dependents,” sociologist Hussein Khozai told The Jordan Times.

Noting that 37 per cent of Jordanian mothers hold bachelor’s degrees, he said that this factor also drives girls to excel in academics on an equal footing with their mothers.

“Most Jordanian families now believe in equality in education between men and women and this has paved the way for female students to recognise their potential,” noted Khozai, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Jordan.

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