Our ‘reactive’ extremism

The Express Tribune:  Khaled Ahmed

When Muslims fly into rage and become destructive, it is never supposed to be original behaviour. We announce that our extremeaction has been caused by the injustice and violence of someone else. Therefore, our extremism is not original; therefore, we are not to blame for it.

The problem with this self-diagnosis is that we are mostly busy inflicting harm on ourselves. How can it be that Americans, Indians and Jews are causing us to become violent but our victims are innocent people? Extremism must have deeper and more convincing origins.

Violence is known to spring in primitive societies. This has compelled some sociologist to say that extremist personalities are usually possessed of low IQs. Pakistan has some level of literacy but here one must note that in 1947, when literacy was 17 per cent, people were more tolerant; today, with literacy at over 60 per cent, Pakistanis have embraced extremist views.



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  1. The problem is whoever shows them their fault is declared an infidel.
    They have adopted the behavior of blame game. And that is the root of their own destruction.
    This behavior in fact has harmed them much more, then they harmed the others.
    This is a childish or senseless behavior. It is observed that while carrying a child under an year of age if someone else shouts at the child or show a slap, the child will ultimately slap the person who is carrying him. This is a senseless, primitive approach.
    But ironically this is what is being practiced by the Muslim Umma’s seemingly grown up well wisher. Anything America, Europe , India does they will pour their anger on the nearest innocents individuals. Burning their own transports, buildings , killing their own Muslims brothers etc.
    Only if they can sit back and think. They might understand that they are in fact deteriorating by the passing minute, by their own hand?
    In order to gain the blessings that Allah has promised to the Ummah, they have to understand their responsibilities and a rational conduct.
    Islam is all about tolerance, love and peace. There is no place for violence, discrimination or hatred in the bliss of Islamic culture. Moderation is the hallmark of Islamic teachings, as it is described by the Holy Prophet PBUH the “best of strategies is moderation” There is no place for extremism in Islam..

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