As Burmese Rohingya bleed, Rohingya immigrants in Karachi find no help no help from Pakistani ‘Muslim brethren’!

As the world rallies in favour of non-violence and mobilises against unjust oppression, a small community in Pakistan’s largest city struggles to raise its voice: these are Karachi’s Rohingya Muslims – a small band of immigrants who managed to escape from the Burmese oppression when the time was right. Today, they helplessly look upon the citizens of the world for a gleam of hope as their kith and kin are persecuted in Myanmar’s Arakan province.

Mahmud, a Rohingya Muslim living in Karachi says that over 90,000 men, women and children have been left displaced in Arakan. “Many were pushed into the water whilst they were trying to escape to neighbouring Bangladesh and several were beaten to death. We know this because we have been using the internet to stay in touch,” he says.

Pakistan’s stance on this issue of contention remains shrouded. Following Tehrik-e-Taliban’s threat directed towards the governments of Myanmar and Pakistan, the Pakistani Foreign Office said in a brief statement on July 26 2012 that there were reports claiming that the situation in Arakan had improved.

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2 replies

  1. How shameful is the character of so called ‘Muslim’ countries!
    Think about it
    1) Pakistan and Bangladesh were created to support Muslims! and what they are doing?

    Bangladesh how hypocrite and tyrant are the muslims from this country!

    They sent millions of refugees in India who at times create tensions with locals(just few days ago). And disrupt peace and tranquility in India.

    And this country is stopping persecuted brethren from entering to its teritory and aid agencies from feeding them?

    Global warming will submerge 2/3rd of land in Bangladesh. We will see where these people will go then.

    It’s a secular Non-Muslim Hindu majority country which is doing this favor on Myanmar muslims that it allowed them to come and settle here!

    Do Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have any shame left?
    I guess NO
    Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in this holy month of Ramzan instead of doing good deeds show steep rise in anti-Hindu violence, especially in Bangladesh. And result are clear Bangladeshi Hindu refugees in India.

  2. Frankly, Bangladesh’s stance on the influx of Muslim immigrants is appalling. Well I understand that Islam ultimate aim is global domination. But it seriously needs to reflect internally and ask if it isn’t actually cheating by allowing polygamy and pressurising native demographics in host countries. In this respect, I do respect our Indian muslims, however, not the immigrant Bangladeshis that seem to feel that Indian rules don’t apply to them and are just a nuisance.

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