An all-out war against not only Iran, but also Shi’ites all around

Credit: Asia Times.

t took Reuters quite a while to be allowed to report that US President Barack Obama had approved an intelligence finding [1] letting the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) loose in its support for the weaponized “rebels” fighting for regime change in Syria.

By now even fishermen in Fiji knew about this “secret” (not to mention that everyone and his neighbor across Latin America knows a thing or two about the CIA’s regime change adventures). Reuters cautiously describes the support as “circumscribed”. That’s code for “leading from behind”.


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  1. But the crux mentioned here, “Saudi Wahhabis want a hardcore Sunni Islamist Syria – complete with Christians, Allawites, Druzes and Kurds as third-rate citizens (or prime candidates for beheading). Qataris want a Muslim Brotherhood protectorate.The Obama administration’s foreign policy makers must be on (lousy) crack. Just because they are engaged on an all-out war against not only Iran, but also Shi’ites all around, how could they possibly bet on a Somalization of Syria profiting Wahhabi intolerance? A grinning Grim Reaper awaits in the wings.”

  2. The somewhat funny thing is (well, not really funny but tragic) that a junior US army officer helped to make the Saudis really scared with his ‘new Middle East map’ where Saudi Arabia is broken down into three pieces, the ‘Arab Shiah North (with all the oil wells), the Saudi middle and a separate Hijaz state containing the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This may be one of the reasons the Saudis are REALLY TOUCHY when it comes to Shiahs … (Google the map!)

  3. But you never know this could be the near future map of SA thus making holy cities approachable by all.

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