Ghana: What Are the Implications of Ghana’s Transition?


What will be the main challenges for Ghana’s next leader?

A3: According to Ghana’s constitution, Vice President John Dramani Mahama will serve out the rest of his predecessor’s term. His first task will be to win a tough election battle in which he will most likely be the NDP candidate. Whoever takes office in 2013 will face the challenge of meeting the heightened expectations of Ghanaian citizens for material improvements to their daily lives. Despite phenomenal growth in 2011, observers point to the risk of rapid inflation and the challenge of creating jobs for the country’s burgeoning youth population. Sound economic management will be required to ensure that Ghana’s oil wealth is harnessed in a transparent, accountable way that delivers sustainable, broad-based growth. This will not be an easy task, if the track record of other resource-rich African nations is anything to go by. Corruption is another big challenge. Ghana’s institutions are fairly robust, but are being eroded by the influence of oil money and the growing threat of international drug trafficking through West Africa.


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