Why does Muslim world and Chinese hate Pakistan and Pakistanis

Source: Russia & India report
Pakistanis evoke highly negative emotions worldwide, including in Muslim majority countries, says a US survey. Not just the elites but the common Pakistani too is culpable in the country’s spectacular failure.

It has never been easy being a Pakistani. Pick a terrorist act committed anywhere in the world and chances are it has Pakistani fingerprints all over it. In many places, the word ‘Pakistani’ is a four-letter word.

So it must be a nasty kick in the guts for the Pakistanis to learn that their only allies, the Chinese, as well as the majority populations of several Muslim countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon, see them as a bunch of baddies.

A survey of 21 countries released on June 27, 2012 by the United States-based Pew Research Center suggests that Pakistan is not only a universally disliked country but the Pakistanis themselves have learnt nothing from their history, continuing to support the very actors who are responsible for their country’s negative image.

It is a measure of Pakistan’s penchant for exporting terrorists, counterfeit currency and drugs that India has constructed a 2043 km long steel fence across its border with its wayward western neighbour. The floodlit fence is so bright it can be seen from space as a bright orange line snaking from the Arabian Sea to Kashmir.

Now Iran is building a 700-km steel and concrete security fence along its border with Pakistan “to prevent border crossing by terrorists and drug traffickers”. When complete it will make Pakistan the most fenced-in country in the world.

In four of the five predominantly Muslim nations covered by the American survey, over half give Pakistan negative ratings. Jordan (57 percent), Lebanon (56 percent), Tunisia (54 percent) and Egypt (53 percent) had an unfavourable opinion of Pakistan. The only exception is Turkey, where attitudes are divided (43 percent negative and 37 percent favourable).

In East Asia, 52 percent of Chinese see Pakistan unfavourably, as do 59 percent in Japan and 59 percent in India. The Chinese response is not surprising as Pakistan-trained Uighur Muslims have launched terror strikes in China. Japan, a nation historically distrustful of foreigners, decided not to take chances and deported more than 15,000 Pakistanis after 9/11.

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  1. Ibrahim Sheikh another internet paki troll living in denial. Maybe if you introspect closely instead of running over me you would notice that the whole world hates pakistan for exporting terrorists. How did you come to the conclusion that Chinese are liars and corrupt,pakistan top the charts in being the most corrupt and lawless nation on earth so you don’t have the right to lecture me on this subject.You just mentioned Aafia Siddiqui,that same jihadi TERRORIST who threatened to kill a patriotic US soldier in the US,not that i approve of the mass scale gun violence in the US but none of those criminals attach religion to their evil deeds unlike muslims. FYI Iam not a racist but iam proud of my race.

  2. Hello. One can feel sorry about this blog not more than that. It seems the blogger is very ignorant of world politics and economic potential and excellent human resources of Pakistan. A vibrant country, competitive human resources, excellent doctors, engineers and IT experts from Pakistan contributing American economy. World just salute them. The problem now there is terrorism and every one know hoe it emerged flourished and turned into war on terror. Before that no issue of terrorism. It is like any developing country take from East to West. The different thing is its Nuclear Power. A great proud for Pakistan. It means they can do anything as others do in world. Good luck to bloggers to rely on such unauthentic and non academic blogs.

  3. Who is that red topi guy on pakistani news channels?? I’ve watched his videos on youtube and I feel very sad that the pakistani news channels are entertaining such losers…. The only thing he does is spread wrong news about India and tries to spread fear of India among our pakistani brothers and sisters….

  4. Because they are backward in terms of the world.
    Nothing wrong with having your roots in tradition and heritage but you seriously need to wake up and move with the world before you become extinct

  5. Dear Pakis,
    in NY(where i am staying), paki mates dont reveal their identity, Coz nobody wont talk to them, they introduce themselves Indian muslims, Paki is a swear word here.
    They think pak is bagger n rogue nation.
    Paki ppl are good and very warm hearted, until Islam comes into debate.
    God save Pak.

  6. Dear Friends, my veiw on Islam countries. This is not to offend anyone but it is a fact just for your thoughts:

    1.Every Muslim country hates or fights the other Muslim country or with their own people.
    2.Every Muslim country is either failed or rogue state and you have an unrest except in Turkey(turkey, may be because of European influence)
    3.And all Muslim country hates Pakistan but they want Pak’s Nuclear weapons
    4.Muslim country hate Pak because, Pak is more corrupt and unwise than any other Muslim country.
    5.Islam fighters kill each other in the name of Alla
    6.Thousands of Gaza people die yet Hamas fires useless rockets to Israel. So wise Muslim/Hamas people are.
    7. Israel, such a tiny country and so mighty the its neighbors are , Yet Israel rules and dominates- God of Jews is a real God ?
    8.In my hometown in South India , almost every second crime is committed by Muslims, even though they form a minority population, and negligible crimes by Christians.
    9.Muslims call America a Biggest terrorist, but they forget that the Muslim countries only offer America a military base to carryout strikes or wage war against another Muz country. (Saudhi, Quatar )
    Now who is a biggest Terrorist county ? Saudi ?
    10.In my opinion the whole world hates Islamic countries and Pakistan in particular, the reason is simple, the Islam is nothing but violence.And synonym for Pak is Terrorism.
    11.In my place , Christians are minority, yet Hindus and Muslims like us, at the same time people dislike Muslims
    12.All the Christian countries are strong and Powerful, like America , UK , Europe etc. and they rule the world , and the economy of the world depends including china’s on these countries-
    So that means Christian God is the real God ? Just think over it.
    13.Now, Most of you deny the above, especially people of Pakistan, coz you live in deniel.

  7. Hence, I call you all my brothers and sisters, embrace Christ as your savior, not as a prophet, He is the only Way , Truth and the Life. Then only you will have peace and World will also love you. Most importantly the violence will END.

    • At the time Prophet Issa (Jesus) came he was ‘the only way’. But that was 2000 years ago. In the meantime it has pleased Allah, the creator of us all, to send another Prophet, Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) with the final book, the Qur’an. Therefore we now need to study this final message. And Allah keeps guiding us up to the present time with the appointed Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Please visit http://www.alislam.org for more details (and keep reading The Muslim Times).

  8. Dear Mr. Rafiq, can you please answer my questions

    Q1. Why Humans die? not even a single human survived except 2 prophets, and the Son of God, Jesus(Isa)
    Q2. Why every human suffer from one or other kind of dieses or problems
    Q3. Why in almost every Muslim countries, there is violence and atrocities against civilians.

    I do have many questions, first lets us sort it off the above.

  9. I find the July 30, 2013 post of Muhammad as a true state of affairs. Indians were careful, had good leadership and progressed. But they did not do well for Pakistan, always impeded and disturbed the progress of Pakistan. That is why, Pakistani do not like Indians.
    India is a bigger country (Big Brother) could have helped Pakistan. But it tried to snatch everything from the very beginning… India also has a problem of religious bigotry but under control.
    The progress in western countries is all due to the church leaving the field open to the people and church not interfering in any government matters. Previously church was punishing the scientists….
    It is true for India, USA, England or Pakistan. As long as the religious clergy interferes in the matters of law in the country, there will be chaos and unrest, discomfort and backwardness… That is the case applicable only to Pakistan now, even Bangladeshi have got rid of the religious bigots…
    It is for the Pakistan government to start a serious program to get rid of Mulla activity in Pakistan. Progress will follow suit. A bold step is needed now.
    The desire of the maulvis to enact the Sharia law in Pakistan is wrong and there is no need of any Sharia court. Every Pakistani should try to impose the Sharia law upon himself first and practice it. When majority will be living according to the laws of Sharia then Shariah laws can be enforced in the country. Until then, there is no need to force it upon the people, who do not really like to follow Sharia. Most people are Muslims for the name only. They may be peaceful people but will not love to live under the Sharia laws. Rest of them are terrorists, killing innocent people, they know nothing about Islam.

  10. Edwin has asked some questions. I may give some reply to Edwin.

    Q1. Why Humans die? not even a single human survived except 2 prophets, and the Son of God, Jesus(Isa)

    Answer: If you are thinking of a verse that death came through original sin, you are wrong. Because there were many men and women on earth before Adam and Eve. They were living and dying. There was no original sin before Adam. So why they were dying?
    We need to understand the meaning of death which church does not explain. It is not physical death. It can mean spiritual death. Then all is well understood. Spiritual death can be due to sinful life.
    Edwin what do you understand from death please?
    No human survived physical death. All died. It is mentioned in the Quran:
    [Every soul shall taste of death] 3:185/186.
    No messenger or old time prophet is living now. All have passed away peacefully, even Jesus Christ has passed away at the good age of 120 years, amongst the lost sheep of Israel.
    Imagine, if there was no death, there will be no enjoyable life on earth. It is a good and important part of the divine plan for all life on earth.
    Q2. Why every human suffer from one or other kind of dieses or problems.
    Answer: That is a matter for the doctors to explain. If question is about suffering then please know that suffering is the other side of the coin. Without suffering the happiness will have no charm or value. Without suffering people will not enjoy or love happiness.
    Q3. Why in almost every Muslim countries, there is violence and atrocities against civilians.
    Answer: That is because some ignorant Muslims are leading them into wrong understanding of Islam and the western (Christians) are supporting that wrong understanding. It would be better for the church to look into the Islamic teaching as being explained at various levels. We Ahmadi Muslims read the Bible and try to understand the good side of it (We take real good sensible meaning of Bible verses). The church people do not give any credit to prophet Muhammad. They always try to find fault with him.
    There is much disparity and dishonesty which is harming the majority Muslims from within and without.
    4. I do have many questions, first lets us sort it off the above.
    Answer: Thank you for asking. I hope you got the answers. Welcome for other questions. If I have given a wrong or bad answer, I hope some other Muslim friend here will try to give improved answers to Edwin. Wassalam.

  11. may Allah Bless pakistan
    every one of you who commented on this status you all are right on your places even i didnt read all the comments but of the first one Anisa and some others actually i am saying that you are right but the thing is that why all this crimes are coming very fastly in Pakistan and non is stop able why because of three things 1.jhut 2.dhoka 3.zulm
    thees three things are the base of all crimes If any one of you LOVE PAKISTAN so please try to think even if every one would be a great Namazi still nothing would happen
    at last i would like to proudly say that some day this country will reach the top

  12. For Edwin 28 July post, it is suggested that Edwin may please read the book “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth” from alislam.org
    There is a chapter on suffering in that book.

  13. This article makes me sad!

    I am Chinese. I promise to all Pakistanis that I NEVER hear a Chinese guy say they HATE Pakistanis, NEVER!

    I will take responsibility for my following words:
    1. All Chinese social media provide positive news about Pakistanis and tell us how Pakistanis helped China when we were in a bad situation or disaster! We know how friendly Pakistanis are to Chinese people and we believe Pakistanis will provide whatever they have to support China.
    2. On the other side, Chinese people call Pakistanis “Iron Brother” which means the brotherhood is as strong as iron.

    So Do You Still Believe Chinese People Would Ever Hate Pakistan???

    Look, If I cannot represent all Chinese, I promise, I will never hurt a Pakistan during my entire life!

    • Ooh my brother thanks really i search who one say China and Pakistan love each other really my brother in Pakistan even you ask too small children they will told you China is my Brother really Pakistani tomch love Chinese people. We will scrifs every thing for China Pakistan is not Pakistan Pakistan is only China even every Pakistani want this

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