The Muslim Ahmadiyya in Israel: Practicing Real Islam

By Earl Shugerman:

Most people outside Israel are not aware of the fact that 25% of Israel’s population, are not from a Jewish background, and amongst them are Christians, Muslims, and Druze. Many people outside of this region are not aware of the diversity of streams within these faiths. One of the most glaring aspects of life in Israel is that each of the major religions is represented by a myriad of these religious streams. The differences aren’t just theological, but are social, political, financial, and educational. For example, there are four Arab political parties in the governing body of Israel – The Knesset. There are numerous Jewish political parties with a wide divergence of philosophy and goals.

Mahmood Mosque, Kababir, Haifa, Israel

Haifa is the spiritual center of the Ahmadiyya in Israel. The meaning of the word Ahmadiyya in Arabic means stream. This is a Muslim religious movement numbering in the millions worldwide . The majority of the movements’ members are in Pakistan and India, but they have a significant population in over 195 countries in the world.

In Israel their numbers are small, and they are primarily located in Cabbabir. This is a village within Haifa, which is the third largest city in Israel. I live next to Cabbabir, which is a pleasant community of mid-priced homes, tree lined streets, parks, and small cafes. The lower part of Cabbabir has a wonderful view of the sea. I love to wander around the neighborhood and mingle with the local residents. Arabic and Hebrew are widely spoken.

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  1. Earl Shugerman is a retired American immigrant to Israel, residing in Haifa, Israel. He is active in interfaith activities at his synagogue “Or Hadash”. He is an avid reader and writer, and his passion in life is promoting peaceful relations between Israel and its’ neighbors via interfaith activities and events. He loves to travel around Israel and write about his adventures!

  2. Thank you for publishing my post. I am blessed to participate in many activities in Haifa that promote dialogue between followers of several faiths in this region, including Egypt and Palestine. There are many of us in this region working to promote progress toward unity.

  3. Thank you so much dear Earl Shugerman for your work and comment. We look forward to your further work and a dialogue with you to promote inter-religious harmony among the Abrahamic faiths.

    Best Regards!

  4. I also join our chief editor and his team in extending my gratitude to Earl Shugerman.

    I recollect communicating with another Jewish gentleman a few years ago who has been teaching Hebrew to our AMC representative there. Obviously, he sounded very pro AMC and understood our issues.

    It is my belief that there are many such great personalities out there who provide us very valuable support.


  5. your insight into life in Israel has been a real eye-opener, thank you for that. i would never have considered israel to be an interfaith promoting nation, but thanks to your article, my misconception or perhaps lack of knowledge has been removed.
    happy to hear that Ahmadi Muslims have embraced you, as is the teaching: Love for all, hatred for none!

  6. Haifa is peaceful and even more with the Ahmadiyya mosque on the hill and the view of the beach below.
    IT would be nice to see this coexistence of different religions extend to other places in other parts of the area

  7. A point to ponder: Very surprising, Minarets of a mosque in muslim state, my beloved Pakistan are demolished in Kharian a remote city, while beautiful minarets are raised in a Non-Muslim State. Allaho Akbar. Allah is the Greatest. Any way thanks for the article once again.

  8. I had very little knowledge of our Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Israel. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Shugerman for his article. Yes, the Ahmadi Muslims will continue to live in peace wherever they may be.

  9. shalom aleykhem,ani lo yadati she ha yeslam akhmadiya v’akhmadim garim b’yesrael,aval akhshav ani sameakh b’ze kan b’medina kenya,rav todot!

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