The British Foreign Secretary William Hague condemns ‘shocking and appalling’ new Syrian massacre

The British Foreign Secretary said the killing of an estimated 200 people in Treimsa would ‘redouble’ British efforts for tough sanctions against Syria at the United Nations.

He said the UN Mission in Syria must be able to access the village “quickly and without hindrance” in order to “carry out an independent investigation into what has happened and who is responsible”.

British diplomats in New York will continue negotiations with the Security Council on a resolution later on Friday.

“We will redouble our efforts to agree a Chapter VII Resolution of the United Nations Security Council. This would compel the Syrian regime to fulfil the commitments it has made under the Annan Plan, to withdraw its military from residential areas, and establish a transitional government as called for by Kofi Annan and endorsed by the P5 and Arab League,” said Mr Hague in a statement.

“It should be a legally binding Security Council Resolution with teeth, that creates a trigger for sanctions if the Assad regime does not comply.

“Our thoughts are with the Syrian people, and all those who have suffered as a result of this latest atrocity. More than 17,000 people have died already. The time has come for decisive diplomatic action to bring about a peaceful end to the violence. All members of the Security Council must shoulder their responsibility to bring this about.”


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2 replies

  1. Unfortunately it is far from certain whether this new massacre was carried out by pro-Assad forces. Consequently it is premature to ‘double efforts for Syrian sanctions’. What are the UN observers doing? They are supposed to tell us with CERTAINTY who committed this massacre.

  2. It very strange that europe and US they are directly blaming Syrian govt. For everthing happening in yhat country. How they get info so quick ? How one country can kill its own people ? I feel that it is all started by the enemies of Islam who do not want muslim countries live in peace. Specially those countries which has some power and who can confront their child Israel.

    Who are supply weapons to traiters ? Think about it !

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