Worldwide pillow fight: Feathered fun takes the streets (AMAZING VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Source: RT

Clashes erupted across the globe as thousands of enthusiastic people armed themselves and took to the streets. Police were helpless to do anything about it. They did not dare to stop International Pillow Fight Day.

Globally hosted flash mobs with participants using pillows to bash at each other have been held since 2008.

This year the annual event left streets of 115 cities across 39 countries covered with feathers and torn fabrics.

Losers may be “down and out”, but still smiling. No one was “seriously hurt” or offended, except perhaps the street sweepers who had to clean up the mess after the fight.

Unlike many fights led for power, pride, resources and beliefs, this was for a fight for fighting’s sake, and the fun it brings. Sadly, the police in China failed to get the joke and fans of the pillow fest in Shanghai had to lay down their “arms” several minutes after the fight began.

Taipei (Reuters / Stringer Taiwan)


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