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  1. May Almighty Allah be with you at this difficult times. Amen.

    Any update about the Pakistani refugees in Bangkok? Where are they living now and how are they doing?

    • I understand that most of them received ‘Refugee Status’ from UNHCR and many of them have since re-settled to various countries, however, some remain, but I do not have the exact numbers just now. I will trhy to get more details, Inshallah.

  2. So far only 28 Ahmadis have actually been resettled from Thailand (to USA). Many more have actually been accepted but are waiting for bureaucratic procedures such as medical tests and tickets. Continued prayers for them are needed…

  3. Assaalam u Alikum,
    We all Ahmadis are with you in this difficult times of flooding. May Allah help you and protect you from any losses and help recover soon. Amen.

  4. My Dear Brother Rafiq A. Tschannen,
    Jazzakum’Allah Ahsanul Jazaa for providing this issue by posting.
    Please let us help together. Request you to provide me the Adress to whom we can contact and support from Germany.
    May Almighty Allah be with brothers and sisters of Bangkok Mission House at this difficult times. Amen.

    Munawar A. Bajwa

  5. Respected,
    Viewers & Rafiq A. Tschannen
    Assalamoalykum Warehmat ullah,
    I am Mehmood Ahmed Sheri from Karachi jamaat I have my little work Al Masroor Enterprises, we export and import goods our selves from Thailand Malaysia Singapore and Colombo Alhamdolillah we are doing good,
    i stay Indra market when ever i come here in Bangkok or at my friend’s house name Samar Ahmed,
    I also participate in jamaat activities as Nazim seht e jismani, and specially Jumma Prayer duty here Markazi Bait u zikr Ahmadiyya Hall Karachi two years later it was an attempt on me and only for that jamaat Representatives said to leave residence i follow the orders and change my home at same day and now again at 31 August 2012 three bike riders on two bikes stop me at the busy Road P.I.D.C in Karachi and ask about an address i explain them the said address they said assalamoalykum i replied wa alykum assalam as i reply one of them immidiatly caught me and say how u reply you are Qadiani i was shocked and under stand the drama then i saw one of them has pistol (gun) then i started shouting and people run to us,as they saw the crowed they start the bike and me also i report it in jamaat and fax to Hazoor (ABA),
    in last i request all viewers to remember all jamaat members in prayers may Allah change the hearts,AAmeen.
    and remember all duty Khuddam members in your prayers.
    Jazak Allah,
    Mehmood Ahmed Sheri.

  6. Aslamo allekum wa rehmatullah e wa barakato hoo.I am ahmedi by birth and my wife too.Sir me and my faimly are in trouble here in Bangkok.we need your help we Came here due to security and many threats.plz send me mission house address and your contact number.jazak Allah

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