Imran Khan leaves for China after Oct 30th Jalsa

On the invitation of the Communist Party of China,Chairman,PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan is leaving on a 4-day visit to the People’s Republic ofChinaon October 31. He would be accompanied by a delegation comprising Dr. Arif Alvi, Secretary General, Dr. Shirin Mazari, VP Foreign Affairs and National Security, Raoof Hasan, VP, Information & Media and Imran Ismail, Deputy Secretary General of the party.


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  1. Every Pakistani who truly loves his country must support Imran Khan in his endeavor to bring true chnage in Pakistan. The people of Lahore proved it on 30th October that perceptions can be overturned in one day. The whole Pakistan must follow suit if we want to live respectfully and honorably in the league of nations.

    • He has often avoided a direct answer to this question. I asked this once to him directly face to face and he dodged it. Recently and also available on you tube he has made a comment on standing up for those who are oppressed. What is that worth is only to come to light once he rises to the office. One can only pray that Allah shows him the right path.

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