US and Islamists: It takes two to tango

Source: Times of India

When Libya’s interim government announced the official ” liberation” of the country on October 23, it also declared that a system based on the Islamic sharia, including polygamy, will replace the dictatorship that Col Muammar Qaddafi ran for 42 years.

“We as a Muslim nation have taken Islamic sharia as the source of legislation, therefore any law that contradicts the principles of Islam is legally nullified,” declared interim leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

Swapping one evil for another may seem a cruel political comedown after seven months of relentless NATO air strikes in the name of promoting democracy in Libya – an air war that enabled the ragtag rebel militias to triumph but left a vast trail of death and destruction.

The Western powers that militarily effected the regime change in Libya, in fact, have not sought to stop its new rulers from establishing a theocratic system founded on Islamic jurisprudence. For these powers, such a political turn is an unavoidable price to pay to have their own men in power. The Islamist embrace indeed helps protect the credibility of men who otherwise may be seen as foreign puppets in their own society.


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  1. A difficult topic … On the one hand we of course support ‘Sharia’ – if correctly interpreted. The problem these days is not with the Sharia, but with the Mullahs who claim to be master of it and who are clearly not.

    We cannot blindly put Libya and Afghanistan into one basket. Let’s wait and see and give Libya the chance to prove themselves superior.

    Whatever the case, whatever the discussions, because of all these shortcomings we at The MuslimTimes promote ‘separation of Mosque and state’. Stay tuned and you will learn to appreciate why…

  2. I like the line in the post, “The Islamist embrace indeed helps protect the credibility of men who otherwise may be seen as foreign puppets in their own society.” I believe it is very accurate for the Libya situation and possibly for Afghanistan in months and years to come as dialogue with Taliban proceeds further.

    I would support sharia only as much as we can draw good ideas from the Islamic sources, or any other source for that matter, and a free legislating body can openly and honestly, debate the merit and utilitarian value of each of these ideas, separately and independently in a rational atmosphere, without any co-ercion from the Mullah. The legislating body should then legislate those laws that are useful for the country and nation.

    The paradigm of Mullah is to force all his or her ideas down everyone else’s throat, in the name of Islam and Sharia, for the self serving purpose of gaining political power. If we follow the paradigm of the Mullah, it will be an omen for destruction of any Muslim nation, human intellect and rationality!

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