Indonesia Has More Millionaires than Malaysia

“The rise in personal wealth in Indonesia has been stunning since the year 2000”

VIVAnews – It is estimated that the number of millionaires in Southeast Asia doubled compared to last year. Singapore is at the first place, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia.

The three countries have an estimated 190,000 nouveau riche since the beginning of last year. According to a report from Credit Suisse Group, this figure is only slightly lower than that of China, which reaches 212,000.

In Singapore, for instance, there were 118,000 people with wealth of above US$1 million (around Rp8.8 billion) last year. This year the figure went up to 183,000, making Singapore a wealthy country compared to most countries in the world.

This fantastic increase put the Merlion country the fifth wealthiest in the world after Switzerland, Australia, Norway and France. For information, the average wealth of Singaporeans is US$285,000 (or Rp2.5 billion).

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