Muslim World League Secretary-General Al-Turki presented to Prince Naif a copy of the 24-volume Hadith collection by Abubakr Al-Baihaqi.

Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif receives Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki at his office in Riyadh on Wednesday. Al-Turki presented to the prince a copy of the 24-volume Hadith collection by Abubakr Al-Baihaqi. The book is printed and distributed at the prince's expense. (SPA)

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  1. Islamic Youth Organization of Swaziland.
    PO Box 2803

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    I write to introduce the small muslim community of about 10 000 to yourselves and other organizations in the world.
    Completed Applications have been submitted to the Islamic Development Bank and we are still awaiting response. WAMY office in South Africa has not had funds to assist neighbouring countries. This is the story with other NGO as well.
    We have also submitted a completed form and attachments to Imdaad Trust in South Africa with a reference and it is with the Approvals Committee.
    This was base on a stalled project of the first muslim community school to include a High School (later a Primary section) and Pre-Vocational Subjects such as Wood Working, Metal Work, Home Economics, Agriculture, Computer literacy etc.
    We have networked and got offers of community land in different areas of the country(which is small and can easily be covered in whole and is now saturated with Christian and Bahai NGOs). So we could place one strategic project in between the two biggest cities of Mbabane and Manzini which a 40 km apart in quiet and rural community and concentrated with muslims. Or we could start income projects anywhere else as the country is only 200 km long and 150 km wide.
    Some areas have a high potential for income generation in farming (poultry, eggs, dairy, beef, goats, crops etc as the climate is tropical)
    The total population of Swaziland is about 1 000 000. The percentage of muslims is therefore about 1%.
    The majority of the muslims are immigrants from Asia and there are now families and individuals from the local community and also refugees and Africans resident in the country for long periods of time.
    The general conditions are that of poverty and lack of opportunities for development, funding and education.
    Through endless efforts and cost we have built bridges with some organizations and universities in the Middle East for one or two scholarships. If it is for Islamic studies then there are no employment prospects and the benefit is only personal and spiritual. To teach this knowledge to others in the communities there needs to be organizational capacity for meetings and transport, which often is not possible in a situation of poverty.
    There are no Islamic Centers or Meeting places and the whole effort of individuals is to find food or just to sit and be grounded.
    Muslim youth hardly finish High School and few ever reach college or university.
    There are no scholarships and parents cannot afford.
    Over the past 15 or so years we have managed to assist only a few students to complete High school and attend some tertiary courses.
    The first muslim initiated High School is under construction and needs funds to be completed. We need a dedicated school to concentrate on the teaching of muslim (and other) children whilst teaching them also about the Deen of Islam. Presently there is no muslim school in the country.
    There are also no muslim institutions like zakat fund, associations etc or NGOs.
    We are willing to accept any form of help offered in the following field;
    1. Da’wah
    2. Educational Support –School and University,fees, books, bags and stationery and toys and clothes/uniforms.
    3. Income Generation
    4. Poverty Relief –men, women and Children.
    5. Water and Sanitation
    6. Islamic Centers and Schools Construction.
    7. Sports fields, hall, kits (boys and girls) etc.

    Hosting of Our website has been suspended due to lack of funds.

    Your Brother ins Islam

    Dr Basheer B L Shabangu ( tel 00268 25058355/25055110 cell/mobile 00268 76021747
    Chairman; Islamic Youth Organization of Swaziland. ( temporarily offline –R3000.00 needed for hosting.
    Swaziland Islamic Trust.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    The Muslims today are the most humiliated community in the world. Nowadays Muslim community is considered as educationally, socially and economically backward community.
    The reasons behind their downfall are Muslims ignorance about Islamic education, English language and modern technical education.
    Now its about time that the Muslim Ummah restructures its educational priorities along Islamic lines, fulfilling the existing needs as well. By virtue of such an educational program, the future generations will become the torch bearers of Islamic value and play an effective role in the present world. The challenges of modern times call for rebuilding the structure of our educational program on such a foundation as to fulfill our spiritual as well as temporary obligations.

    Read ! In the name of your Lord who created you.
    This is the first wahi that Rasulullah (Salla Allaha alaihi wa sallam)
    received from Allah (SWT).
    The first wahi of Allah asks us to read. This shows the importance of Education that Allah (SWT) asks all of us to read in his first revelation. And prophet Muhammad (S) peace be upon him said Seeking lonowledge is farz upon every muslim man and woman. In the light of Quran and Hadis it is understood that Education has very important place in Islam.
    So that MYWA wants to give priority to Education means modern standard Education. So MYWA is running four English institutions in Islamic pattern to uplift Muslims educationally and economically.
    NGO aims Infrastructure Development of Muslim Minority.

    MYWA aims to develop the minority community in basic facilities such as transport, Communications, sanitary system, water supplies buildings construction, water purification, Green plantation etc.

    All Round Development Awareness Program.
    MYWA wants all round development of minority community. For this purpose NGO arranges various programs such as minority ladies Education Awareness program, Health and Aids Awareness program, cultural program, Technical Education program, children Education program, Agriculture development program, Green city Development program.
    NGO (MYWA)

    Why should donate to MYWA

    MYWA wants to bring an educational revolution subsequently economic & social reform among the Muslim community. MYWA wants to bring intellectual revolution among the Muslims and to make community and country progressive and take them forward on modern lines in accordance with Islamic thoughts. So that MYWA is establishing schools, colleges, campus etc. As the institutions are the best resource for educational progress. MYWA is running institutions namely

    Al-Rizwan English Schools. (in Nanded District). By the grace of Allah (SWT) we are blessed to reach to the mark of a renowned educational institution for Minority in Nanded District. Started with very few resources but high motivation, NGO is running very reputed institutions. Due to insufficient economic resources, MYWA is unable to give basic good infrastructure to our institutions and MYWA don’t have any property. So that all the institutions are running in Rented Buildings.

    So that MYWA’s first priority is to build ideal school buildings for our community. After the completion of this first target MYWA will establish new schools, colleges and campus in Nanded District. (Insha allah)

    We extend our hope to find some donors who would like to partner in the share of our objective.

  3. Slmz im in Swaziland for more than 15years and never attended any of your meetings.I would love to share some ideas with you,currently im attached to one primary school in LAVUMISA

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