Death of Ghaddafi – what has not been reported. (a view from Benghazi)

One question which I did not hear being asked in today’s full television coverage which: why was Ghaddafi being taken to Misrata? (and not Tripoli or Benghazi).

Well, Misrata is a very special town in Libya. It has a very independant population. One freedom fighter from Benghazi for instance told me that when we reached near Misrata and met the anti-Ghaddafi fighters outside Misrata we thought they will welcome us with a hug. Instead the Misrata anti-Ghaddafi fighters said: “You stay over there and fight over there and we fight over here.”

And now I am hearing in Benghazi that “my friend in Benghazi said that he and his friends captured Ghaddafi and wanted to bring him, injured but alive, to Benghazi. A Misrata brigade met them and said that “we suffered more than you. We deserve to take him to Misrata.” Then – so the unconfirmed story goes – the Benghazi fighters shot Ghaddafi and said: “ok, take him”.

As I said, this is unconfirmed, but this is what is talked about in the coffee shops of Benghazi.

Well, we wish the new Libya all the best.

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