Open house on Islam, A step towards understanding

Source: The Intelligencer

At a time when the exchange of information as close to instantaneous as it is widespread, it remains an unfortunate truth that much of the information is wrong, based on ignorance, misconceptions, prejudice and misrepresentation of facts.

It is also sometimes based on the fact many people don’t want to hear anything but their own perceptions of the truth.

Eric Thomas and members of the Quinte Secular Humanist Association deserve a great deal of respect for the fact they are not only willing to listen to different ideas, but are willing to work to assist others in doing so as well.

On Saturday, QSHA hosted an open house on Islam and the Holy Qur’an at the Belleville Public Library Art Gallery.

The followers of Islam have had — to put it mildly — a great deal of “bad press” recently, much of it to do with the actions of a minority and the reactions of people who like to speak before they actually listen.

“The Muslims had a lot of bad press over the last few years and this particular sect of Muslims (Ahmadiyya Muslim) has this specific outreach program, which I thought would be the perfect venue to discuss and show them our respect and consideration,” said Thomas.

Organizer Rizwan Rabbani and speaker Adam Alexander have been canvassing Canadian cities like Belleville for the last year — promoting peace, condemning terrorism and addressing misconceptions regarding Islam and the Muslim religion at large.

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