Misuse of blasphemy law

Source: Dawn.Com

THE predicament of Junaid Ahmed illustrates precisely the mischief that continues to be unleashed by the presence of Section 295 C, the `blasphemy law`, on Pakistan`s law books. A student at a Chakwal seminary run by a member of the Tehrik Khuddam Ahl-i-Sunnat, Junaid Ahmed took permission from his teacher to dispose of some fragments of the Quran in a manner he believed was permitted. As he was doing so, a passer-by raised alarm and a mob soon gathered. Considering that violence has become a part of the Pakistani psyche, the boy was severely beaten and later arrested on blasphemy charges. He now sits in Jhelum prison in judicial lockup, even though given the reputation acquired by Pakistan`s madressahs, one can hardly suspect a seminary student of harbouring any feeling other than one of devotion when it comes to his or her religion.


Categories: Pakistan

2 replies

  1. The way contents of this Law are promulgated, making the ordinary educated man laugh at Pakistanis as well its government all around the world. But who cares

  2. Pakistani society seems to be displaying some of their more uncivilized and inhuman tendencies, thanks to it’s awful ‘blasphemy law’! It’s citizens seem to be allowed ‘lawfully’ to be crude and thuggish. Is not the country’s government bothered by the reputation it is acquiring?

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