Compassionate care, national pride sustain injured Libyans’ spirits

By Muath Freij, JORDAN TIMES

AMMAN – Despite injuries and homesickness, Libyan fighters currently convalescing in Jordanian hospitals said they are receiving excellent care and are proud of what their country has accomplished.

Since the start of the war, over 400 Libyan patients have been admitted into the Arab Medical Centre and the Istishari, Jordan, Al Israa and Specialty hospitals.

Fifty additional patients were scheduled to arrive in the Kingdom Sunday night, according to Othman Rishi, head of the Support Fund for Injured and Missing Libyans, which has been arranging injured Libyans’ evacuations to Jordan and Italy for medical treatment.

Patients interviewed by The Jordan Times yesterday said their desire to bring freedom to their country drove them to make great sacrifices they do not regret.

Mohammad Milad was at university studying economics at the start of the war, but decided to leave school temporarily for the sake of the “new Libya”.

“Though my mother did not want me to take part in the war and was really scared, I was determined to help my fellow Libyans achieve our long-standing dream of freedom,” he added.

Milad, who was injured in Misrata, said the revolution had a strong impact on his character.

“When I was at university, I was responsible for nothing. The only thing I cared about was my education and friends. When I joined the fighters, I learned how to be responsible,” the 20-year-old told The Jordan Times yesterday from his bed in Al Israa Hospital.

Despite the risks involved, Emad Sharif, who was injured in Sirte on September 19 and has been at Istishari Hospital for eight days, did not think twice about joining the fight against Muammar Qadhafi’s regime.


Emad Sharif, who was injured in Sirte on September 19, at Istishari Hospital in the capital, where he has been receiving treatment for eight days (Photo by Muath Freij)

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